Nets vs SUNS, pre-game prediction analysis

2022-05-08 0 By

The nets’ challenge against the SUNS is all about limiting Booker.I think both sides can play normally in this match.Both sides can accept it.That’s true with both sides’ current squads.Because the sun doesn’t have Ayden and Claude.The Nets don’t have Kevin Durant.But how can the Nets even improve their chances?If the Nets want a slight edge.I think there are advantages to being a dunger.There’s a reason not to go.Well, mostly looking at each other.Booker: Well, we need to wear him down both defensively and offensively.There are a lot of coaches who think a 2.03 meter guard is the best way for me to guard Booker.But he was often beaten by fadeaway jumpers.Words like Edwards’ could even be wildly fraudulent.So I think the main thing is you’re going to take a guy who’s about six foot six and there’s only Ben Bry, but I don’t know if he’s fast enough. I haven’t seen him play too much.Or someone shorter and faster than him.Take Brown.If you’re going to go with a 2-meter guy it’s going to be an elite defender like Ben Simmons in his prime or a young lebron.So I think Nash is still broken, what with Edwards guarding his idea.I think from that point of view, the defense has to have someone stick to him all the time.The Nets can do the job.I think Janyo’s gonna be fine, too.But I didn’t know Janyo was strong enough to keep up with him all day.But I’m sure on the offensive end, yeah, yeah, it takes a lot out of him, and that kind of 3D doesn’t work on the offensive end.Actually, I think it’s, uh, brown and Benbury.That’s enough, janyo’s words can even have some backbeat costs.The most important thing is that there are advantages.Rest has the virtue of rest.In fact, kyrie, last game, we already broke the halfcourt double team.But the delays from beyond the three-point line were largely due to coaches not giving him the right play.But Thengo, he’s got a lot of experience.Whether it’s a half-court double or a delay beyond the three-point line, it can be handled.Personally, I think it would be better to go on board.