Henan state-owned enterprise 27.67 years of service, 50 years old retirement, pension can reach 3000 yuan?

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Enterprise retiree annuities calculation method of the country are all the same, the authority of enterprise pension system reform is completed, all the participants in the town worker is basic endowment insurance retiree, when check and ratify the pension will be unified calculation methods, everybody just mastered the key points of the pension calculation, they can calculate how many personal pension.You can’t do the exact calculation, but you can make a rough estimate, and it’s probably close to the real result.A netizen inquired:I am a female retiree from a state-owned enterprise in Henan province, born in 1971, and began to work in February 1994. I began to pay personal contributions in January 1995, and went through retirement procedures at the age of 50. The number of payment months is regarded as 11, and the actual number of payment months is 321.The indexation salary of transitional pension is 6908 yuan, and the pension base of retirement is 5907 yuan.How should the pension be calculated?Can monthly basic annuities reach 3000 yuan?Above all, the computation rule of annuities should make clear the computation regulation of annuities of retired worker of henan province enterprise.In henan province, the establishment of personal pension account, and individual capture to expend time is in January 1995, ginseng protect basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees for the first time if time is on January 1, 1995, and is not regarded as capture expends fixed number of year, pension calculation is simple, just two parts including fundamental annuities and individual account annuities.If it is to attend a job before January 1995, because still did not establish individual annuities account, working fixed number of year is called inspect with capture expends fixed number of year, emeritus annuities is composed by basic annuities, transitional annuities and individual annuities account 3 parts.Secondly, pension calculation formula basic pension = retirement year’s pension payment base × (1+ I average pay index) ÷2× cumulative pay fixed number of years ×1%;Or :(pension plan hair base + basic pension index salary) ÷2× cumulative pay fixed number of year ×1%;Individual account annuities = individual account accumulative total store the forehead ÷ plan hair month number.The number of retirement months at age 50 is 195, and the number of retirement months at age 55 is 170, and the number of retirement months at age 60 is 139.Transitional annuities = retirements when annuities plan hair base × (1+ after September 1992 oneself average pay cost index) ÷2× inspect with pay cost fixed number of year × plan hair coefficient.Or: change salary of indexation of transitional sex annuities × inspect with capture expends fixed number of year × plan hair coefficient.Henan’s coefficient is 1.3%.Third, how much does the netizen have in retirement?Just plug the relevant data into these formulas and you can work out the pension.1. The cumulative number of years of payment is equal to the number of months of payment divided by 12, (321+11) ÷12=27.67 years, keep two decimal places.Basic pension = (5907+6872) ÷2×27.67×1%=1767.97 yuan;2, personal account pension =116775.48÷195=598.85 yuan;3, the same as the payment period =11÷12=0.92 transitional pension =6908×0.92×0.013=82.62 yuan.4. Basic pension =1767.97+598.85+82.62=2449.44 yuan.According to the calculation, although the net user has a good job, his retirement pension is relatively average, with a basic monthly pension of less than 3,000 yuan or even less than 2,500 yuan.Fourth, the problem that should pay attention to when calculating 1, accumulative pay fixed number of year accumulative pay fixed number of year includes to regard as pay fixed number of year and actual pay fixed number of year, when calculating basic pension, use is accumulative pay fixed number of year, when calculating transitional pension, use is to regard as pay fixed number of year.Henan province is made to former labor contract worker should hand in and the time that did not hand in insurance premium and yuan fixed work carry out individual capture cost since September 1992 should hand in the time that did not hand in endowment insurance, cannot count inspect with capture cost fixed number of year.Nevertheless, if fill after handing in insurance, can count to inspect with capture expends fixed number of year.Additional, capture cost will calculate according to month, want to change year, divide by capture cost month number 12 is fixed number of year, the requirement retains two decimal places.For example, 11 months is 0.83 years, and 11 months is 0.92 years.My average contribution index is calculated according to the corresponding enterprise employee pension insurance contribution over the years. For example, in 2022, the individual contribution base is 7000 yuan, and the salary of endowment insurance contribution in 2021 is 6000 yuan, so the contribution index in 2021 is 7000÷6000=1.1667, reserving 4 decimal places.After knowing the annual payment index, add up all the payment indexes and divide by the number of years of payment, which is the average index of my actual payment.The calculation of this index is complicated and requires knowing personal and social wages for all the years before retirement, which is difficult for individuals to grasp.However, the human Resources and Social Security Bureau has all these data, and we should also trust the data of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. We will not count someone’s contribution index as low.One province retires a lot of people every year, and if it’s wrong, everybody’s wrong, and that can’t happen.Interactive: is the pension of 2400 yuan enough for each month?Yes, I am. 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