Eyebrow: I didn’t hear the team doctor say lebron James had fluid in his knee, and Williams started MVP mode

2022-05-08 0 By

The lakers today unfortunately lost to the eagle, though less and heavy eyebrows cut 47 points, and monk match also hit eight 3-pointers scored 33 points, but the team was reverse opponents in details directly crash, now they’ve suffered three losses, is now the team can only hope that James hurriedly return, only his back,After the game, The lakers spoke to reporters about James’ injury.Heavy eyebrows in an interview when asked by James’s knee problem, he said, “I didn’t hear doctor said his knee effusion, I saw the news is so to speak, but I asked the doctor says he is not very understand the specific situation, and I don’t have time to communicate with James, at the moment, I and his team-mates are waiting for his formal news.”Later, when referring to wei most recent state less heavy eyebrows said “he can play out, as he can contribute in both ends, now he has been into the slayer, and adapt to the few games after he would be open to rule the game MVP patterns, believes he can do it, to believe that he can lead us to move on.”Now the team’s defeat in a row, but in another ways, less condition is getting better and better, his condition improves believe can help the team to a certain extent, but I hope he can continue in this state, he recently shot is also a significant rebound, but for lakers fans, James’s knee problem has become the top priority,If he is sidelined for a month or so, it would be a huge blow for the lakers.