Appreciation of the works of Yi Kai, painter of the Railway Forces Art Group

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About Yi Kai: Yi Kai was born in November 1955.From Changsha, Hunan province.In 1971, he joined the 35th Regiment of the Railway Force and served as a projectionist. Later, he was transferred to the political Department of the 7th Railway Division and served as a librarian.1973-1977 Participated in the creation of the Railway Army Art Group.In March 1979, I was transferred to the Art Institute of the PLA to participate in the establishment of the Department of Fine Arts and was admitted to the Department of Fine Arts to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Traditional Chinese painting.He joined the Chinese Artists Association in 1981.He graduated in 1983 and taught Chinese painting in the department of Military Arts and Arts.In 1985, he was admitted to the Department of Fine Arts of the Central People’s Academy of Oil painting as a graduate student. In 1988, he transferred to the Department of Fine Arts of the Central People’s Academy of Art to teach.He went to the United States in 1990 and became a professional painter.2013-2020 Department of Fine Arts, Claremont Graduate University, Los Angeles, USA.Pilgrims pen and paper 2004 Lamas and Pilgrims Color ink paper 1988 Goldfish symbol color ink paper 1994 Changes in the Map of The United States Oil painting wood Sculpture 1998 Time and Yin and Yang Color Ink paper 2000 Masked Man Acrylic, Pen and paper 2021 Colorful mask acrylic,Pen and Paper 2017 Man in Mask Oil on Canvas 2021 Mask with Green Hair Oil on canvas 2022 Ghost and Mask Oil on Canvas 2022 Two Masks, oil on canvas 2021 Edit: Have fun with it