The 70’s and 80’s bubble a girl really good difficult, sum up the way that bubble a girl at that time, do you have the same feeling?

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And practical tips at the university of s @ ecru and dancing poetry  university men want to love is very simple night lessons with you he turned and smiled my body warm in order to find the warm I always come to the library early occupation of tandem two position looking forward to seeing you in front of my eyes show China waving can resist every time there is always a classmate and I exchange I insist on my sceneryIt is so difficult to encounter a number of night still a surprise in the dining hall to find your figure in my heart run fast over the past bang ahead amelicans panting just as some of you the taste of the line of sight only dare to wander on the ground when I summon up courage to look up but you play the food turned and walked I dismay with the beautiful image of the far away gone listen to aunt’s not dozen don’t hinder the meal I ash slipped behind classmateSlip six god no master walked out to stand in the rear of the team …………These ways of picking up girls have long gone forever. Now you can go to open a room if you have the right eyes. The era has improved and opened upOccasionally think of the past those ways to pick up girls in the bottom of my heart will still rise a warm current in flowing @ men and poetry dance # there are poems and distant ## original poetry ## modern poetry #