Shenzhen digital New Year flavor: “digital New Year goods” popular, wechat interactive “cloud reunion”

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The first choice for New Year shopping is to send digital, shopping orders are finalized by one button, relatives and friends are reunited remotely on the social platform, get red envelopes to watch the Spring Festival Gala with the latest fashion…In the capital of innovation and creativity, the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger in Shenzhen has a unique digital flavor.”Chinese New Year is coming, and I’m going to buy my mom a smartphone.”Wang Xiansheng, a shenzhen resident, did not go home this Spring Festival due to the epidemic, but he kept thinking about helping his parents prepare goods for the Spring Festival.”My mother is 87 years old, and I have always wanted to buy her a smart phone with a large capacity and good operation, so that she can chat, video and grab red packets easily during the Spring Festival.On New Year’s Eve, my family distributed red envelopes in the group, and my mother grabbed a lot of red envelopes with her new mobile phone.”Mr. Wang said with a smile that mobile phones can not only solve their own homesickness, but also solve the care and missing of their relatives back home.Reporters recently visited a number of mobile phone stores to see that around the End of the New Year, smart phones, smart headphones, watches and other technology products popular, mostly used to prepare for the elders, parents.Among them, mid-range smartphones priced between 2,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan are the best sellers.The Honor 50 and Honor 60 phones have been selling well from the end of December to the end of January, especially the Honor 60 series, which can sell nearly 50 units a month, according to a staff member at the honor phone store.Staff at huawei stores also reported brisk sales of huawei’s newly launched foldable phone, the P50 Treasure box.”People in Shenzhen know fashion, so it’s fashionable and dignified to send friends and clients with foldable phones during the Spring Festival.”Smartwatches and smart headphones are also selling well.Smart watches that can make and receive phone calls and measure blood oxygen and heart rate are basically gifts for the elderly, the staff said.Huawei has sold nearly 100 of its stylish and good-looking lipstick earphones in the first month of the year.In fact, Shenzhen consumers are particularly fond of digital products.Recently, dada Group research institute released the “light” guide to goods consumption in 2022 according to jingdong Hour shopping and Jingdong Home consumption data, which shows that the Spring Festival is approaching,The sales of mobile phones, speakers, microphones, flat-panel TVS, SSD solid-state drives, recording pens, mobile power supplies, cameras, professional headsets, headsets, smart bracelets and other products in The Shenzhen market increased by more than 10 times year on year.Home appliances such as electric pottery ovens, electric fans, humidifiers, drum washing machines, juicers and heaters also increased more than 10 times from the same period last year.Long-distance run arranged to break the boundaries of time and space on January 30, is the last working day before the holiday, people miss Chen with 30 minutes on the subway after work on Meituan APP finalised all necessities and including decorated with Spring Festival couplets everyone, the child’s snack package to relatives, New Year’s eve cook prepared food, and a new mobile phone to mom.Before the subway arrived, this batch of carefully prepared goods have all been sent to the hands of parents.The instant shopping method of “online order and 30 minutes delivery” is becoming a new trend for consumers to buy Spring Festival goods.According to Meituan flash purchase, the order volume during this year’s Lunar New Year shopping festival continues to rise, shenzhen orders all the way to become the country’s top three cities in order volume.At the same time, meituan flash purchase has generated a large number of orders from other places, and Shenzhen has become one of the cities that place the most orders from other places.This year, the couple chose to stay in The Spring Festival, the parents in Wuhan are not absent.They bought new mobile phones for both families and bought cherries, strawberries, sugar oranges and other fruits.Li said: “the fruit is heavy, it is not convenient for the elderly to carry, takeaway food can be delivered directly, let us rest assured.”This year, the sales of prepared dishes increased by more than 100% year on year, making it one of the most popular dishes for New Year’s Eve dinners.Harvest, the head of the business Liu Qian introduced, this year the store New Year’s Eve dinner prepared food sales increased by 3 times, because of more diverse and rich dishes, unit price also increased by 50%.One customer’s menu is typical: he ordered several “hard dishes” with complicated techniques, such as Fotiaoqiang, bonsai and wine fragrant shad fish.He said that when the time comes, the family will fry a few vegetable dishes, convenient and delicious, the elderly can also accept.Chu Yin, vice president of the Digital Economy Think Tank, said the fusion of dishes from the north and south reflects the trend of population mobility and cultural integration.”Especially in the era of high-speed rail, the integration of regional characteristics in Chinese society is accelerating.”There is a kind of reunion called “wechat interaction” under the epidemic, reunions are more difficult.Wechat video call, Wechat red envelope, wechat group light firecrackers…Intimate interaction on social platforms has become the most fashionable way for People in Shenzhen to get together.Ms. Lai’s daughter is a student in Australia. Due to the epidemic, she has been unable to return home for the Spring Festival reunion in the past two years. Wechat videos have become the most common way for Ms. Lai to pay New Year’s greetings to her daughter and her family back home.During the Chinese New Year, Ms. Lai will call her mother-in-law in Zhanjiang, her daughter in Australia, her aunt and her uncle in the United States via wechat video every day.This year, Lai posted pictures of her daughter’s New Year’s Eve dinner in Sydney on wechat moments.On the one hand, I got together with my friends and relatives in Shenzhen.On the other side is a sumptuous reunion dinner from overseas. Wechat has turned thousands of mountains and rivers into “intimate”, which also makes shenzhen’s Spring Festival flavor stronger.Has WeChat released data report, New Year’s eve, according to a report on the day of the New Year’s eve (January 31 00:00-24:00), the country of 688 million people grab a red envelope, grab a red envelope at the same time, all kinds of cover also launched a red envelope, WeChat also launched for the first time set limit to “alien” red envelope cover, let people find everything new and fresh interesting interaction.Data showed that more than 140 million people received red envelopes sent with the cover of a special red envelope on the eve of New Year’s Eve (from 18:00 on Jan 31 to 6:00 on Feb 1).During more than four hours of live broadcast on New Year’s Eve, more than 120 million people watched the Gala in vertical screens on the wechat video account “CCTV Gala”, while Posting messages dedicated to the Year of the Tiger on wechat moments.Source: Doute client author: Shenzhen Special Zone Newspaper reporter Zhou Yumeng Wen Kun