Zigong has adopted seven measures to reduce ozone pollution

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March 11, the reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, with the temperature rise, the city has entered the high incidence of ozone pollution.In view of the characteristics and laws of ozone pollution, Zhuhai has adopted seven emission reduction measures around petrochemical, chemical, painting, auto repair and other key industries to effectively fight the “initiative battle” of ozone pollution prevention and control.Since the Spring Festival, the city’s air quality has been excellent for 36 consecutive days, reaching the best level in history.However, from March 9, the basin appeared a sharp warming weather, the southern Sichuan encountered a strip of ozone pollution, On March 10, the air quality of our city was mild pollution, the primary pollutant is ozone.According to the meteorological department forecast, in the next 10 days, the city’s temperature will be mainly sunny to cloudy, increasing the risk of ozone pollution.This year, the city will take seven measures to reduce ozone pollution.Key words: Determine the key period of ozone pollution prevention and control in Our city from March to September, during which it was divided into two levels of key control and emergency control.The key control day is when the predicted average daily ozone concentration is between 140 and 160 micrograms per cubic meter.When the predicted average daily ozone concentration is above 160 micrograms per cubic meter, the emergency management and control day will be the key management and control day and the emergency management and control day will take corresponding control measures respectively.Key words: replace the promotion source in our city will be built this year plate warehouse and gongjing concentrated sheet injection center;Promote the replacement of key industries such as lantern dinosaur, industrial painting, auto repair painting and other sources, encourage enterprises to use low volatile organic matter raw and auxiliary materials;Comprehensively promote the use of low voc coatings and adhesives in housing construction and municipal construction;Carry out random sampling test on raw and auxiliary materials with low volatile organic compounds such as coatings, inks, pigments and adhesives, and include those unqualified in sampling test into key supervision objects.Key words: Implement one park and one policy bancang, Datang Mountain and Shuping Industrial Park strictly control the dinosaur and lantern manufacturing enterprises related to voc emission;Strictly implement the “one park, one policy”, implement the “double random” supervision and inspection, use grid station analysis, radar navigation, night inspections and other means to consolidate the responsibility of enterprises.Key words: Staggered peak production This year, on the basis of the clean energy replacement of sichuan Jiuda Salt Co., LTD., urge key enterprises to implement the transformation of ultra-low emission limit of gas-fired boilers.At the same time, the city’s key enterprises involved in the discharge of volatile organic compounds to carry out supervision monitoring, in accordance with the law to investigate and punish excessive emissions.On key control days and emergency control days, paint mixing, spraying, painting and other voc emission processes of industrial enterprises shall implement differentiated off-peak production.Key words: Night refueling discount From July 1, the full implementation of the “Sichuan Gas station emission standards of air pollutants”, the city’s gas stations to carry out law enforcement monitoring, investigate and punish the behavior of exceeding standards;Implement off-peak refueling and encourage gas stations around the city to introduce preferential policies for vehicle refueling at night.On key control days and emergency control days, filling stations (oil storage depots) carry out off-peak refueling (loading and unloading oil).Key words: new charging facilities this year, it is planned to add no less than 5000 vehicles with national III and below emission standards;120 charging piles were built, and the number of new energy vehicles increased to 4,000.Implementing off-peak commuting in Party and government organs and public institutions;No less than 4000 diesel vehicles for road inspection and no less than 600 non-road mobile machinery for sampling inspection;From April to September, the key control days and emergency control days shall implement the construction of non-road mobile machinery at wrong time.Key words: restaurant online monitoring our city will continue to strictly implement the whole area and the whole time open-air burning ban, road drawing, asphalt paving and other construction operations using organic solvents implementation of construction at wrong time;Continue to promote government enterprises and institutions, catering business households to install online monitoring equipment for lampblack;Carry out a round of investigation and rectification of voc treatment problems in the automobile maintenance industry, ensure stable and effective operation of facilities, and implement off-peak spraying on key control days and emergency control days.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn