Superhero in the crowd: Haidilao staff successfully resuscitate a young man using the Heimlich maneuver

2022-05-06 0 By

At 1:00 am on February 12, a diner suddenly stood up from his seat, his eyes flushed and he repeatedly vomited.Yu En Qiang, who wiped the table at the condiment table, noticed that the customer was probably stuck in the windpipe by food!After a brief judgment, he immediately applied the Heimlich method of emergency rescue to the customer.I saw him in just 20 seconds, showed a complete set of standard Heimlich first aid.It was only when the trapped food was released from the customer’s windpipe that Yu stopped.Later, Yu Enqiang recalled the shocking moment is still terrified, said that although he was a little afraid after the event, but at that time, not so much to save the first thing.His family said they were proud of him.The rescued customers also returned to the store with the banner on February 16 to express gratitude to their “superhero” Yu Eun-qiang.The words embroidered on the red flag, “Helping others in a desperate situation, helping others in a dangerous situation,” can be used to describe Yu’s performance that night.It is reported that the rescued customer named Ma Ganghua, is a safety engineering major graduate students.After the food stuck in his windpipe, he immediately realized that he might only be awake for a minute and a half, and that if he didn’t get help in time, the consequences would be terrible.Many netizens praised the quick-thinking, knowledgeable and brave haidilao employee.For Eun-qiang, it was a small thing, but for the people who were rescued, it was a life-saving event.Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.