Guiyang Lexus RX humanized open space

2022-05-06 0 By

Humanized open space through careful planning, to achieve the full use of space, orderly.Rich humanized storage space, both functional and convenient.RX L 6 – seat model luxury, 7 – seat model pattern is changeable, more wide ease easy.The second and third rows of seats can be retracted on demand, expanding the amazing trunk space for large luggage, suitable for the whole family and business trips.Open panoramic skylight * Open panoramic skylight provides endless view.In which, you can enjoy the bright sunshine and bright stars.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.Third row seats *RX L Third row seats * have independent temperature control design, so that passengers sitting in the third row feel comfortable and considerate.The seat can also be folded and retracted by the button, which is easy and convenient, and the layout is arbitrary.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.Ergonomic center console design to the driver as the center to create, will display area, operation area and functional area between the perfect area, both to ensure convenient operation, and very beautiful.Whether it is dual USB interface, or vehicle-mounted wireless charging *, and storage space everywhere, are at your fingertips, humanized design is a masterpiece.High quality leather, wood, bamboo, aluminum and other fine materials are used as far as both hands can reach.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.Vehicle-mounted wireless charging * Place the mobile phone in the charging area located in the console, touch the button, you can charge, convenient and quick.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.The feature only works on some phones.Mark LevinsonĀ® Premium Sound System * Features 15 speakers that bring beautiful melodies and ensembles to perfection.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.Full color head-up display HUD through full color TFT LCD display, driving speed, environmental protection driving information projected on the front windshield, no need to shift your eyes to grasp the required information.Multimedia information operating system * 12.3-inch multi-functional display EMV, touch design, integration of many intelligent technologies, easy to navigate, driving information, temperature control, telephone and other functions.Remote Touch information operating system, like a car mouse, integrates navigation system, Bluetooth conversation, sound control and **LEXUS Connect, making operation simple.At the same time, it matches the smart phone interconnection system, so that the intelligent and convenient driving experience can be controlled by one hand.* For some models, please refer to the configuration table.**LEXUS Connect – Specific features vary by model and version.