Beijing has a unique and beautiful building with convenient transportation

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Beijing has a unique and beautiful building with convenient transportation.Beijing is a very important city in China. It is like a pillar supporting the sky above the head of the Chinese people. Therefore, it is the dream of many Chinese people to uncover the national flag in Beijing.The Palace Museum, the Great Wall, Tian ‘anmen Square and so on are all very famous. However, today we are going to talk about the new landmark building in Beijing. The name is China Zun.As is known to all, “Buddha” is the ancient vessel, is used when the ancients sacrifice, this skyscraper not only is named by the statue, and gesture imitation of ancient “respects”, have to say that the Chinese cultural self-confidence, engraved on the spent a huge of money can say the construction of the building, in addition to the construction of the building as a whole, has spent more than $200.In fact, the building of the construction of the first time has not been bullish, also some people think that because of insufficient funds may rot, as a result, more than 200 hundred million is not a small sum of money, although it is difficult to the construction of the building process, but is still in construction, its emergence to refresh the height of the tallest building in Beijing, became the tallest building here.From the outside, the front end and the bottom end of the building are very thick, the middle part is very thin, unique and beautiful shape, many tourists come here to clock in and take photos, at night, the whole building lights are lit is the most spectacular time, like the engine sky pillar, feel climbing up to the sky straight.It’s not just a building to look at, it’s a building that’s very functional, with high-end offices, lots of companies and young, successful people coming and going.There is also a huge department store to cater to the shopping needs of tourists, and a high-end hotel on the top floor of the building, where you can open the curtains and have a view of the city at night. Needless to say, the restaurants here are all authentic Beijing food to satisfy the tourists.Near the building is the economic center, public transportation is very convenient, visitors can booking accommodation here, centered on it, any of the attractions in Beijing can easily reach only stagger out the subway in the morning and evening peak do not have to worry about the problem, must eat to Beijing Beijing traditional breakfast to solidify coke, taste authentic roast Beijing duck.