The coded system of consciousness, the healing power of the body

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The cryptosystems of consciousness, the healing powers of the body consciousness works in what you call cryptosystems, and there are countless of them.Consciousness, therefore, specialises itself by operating within cryptosystems that help to direct certain kinds of focus, to bring into one kind of significance, while blocking out other sources.Of course, these other data may well be important in different cryptosystems, but in the way they are, these systems are interconnected, so they communicate with each other at other levels.You could say it’s supplementary material, but it’s not focused primarily on it.These cryptosystems deal with molecular structure and light values, and, in a way, your light values are as precise and effective as you are with letters.Certain classes of life obviously respond to spectral aspects that you are not familiar with, but beyond that there is the field of electromagnetism, or rather, the extension of the field of electromagnetism, which is completely unknown to you, to which other forms of life respond.Again, all of these cryptosystems are interconnected.In the same way, the private mind contains within it hints and clues to alternative realities.These operate, so to speak, as secondary codes under your officially acknowledged existence.Such secondary systems can tell you a lot about the potential of human reality that is latent but can be “elevated” to primary importance at any time.This secondary system also indicates possible directions for an individual or a species.Virtually all possibilities for human development thus lie more or less within each individual.Any biological or spiritual progress that one might imagine would certainly not come from an external medium, but from an internal transmission of consciousness through incarnation.Generally speaking, those living in this century have chosen a particular orientation.Man chooses to specialize in certain bodily operations, directing his energies in certain directions, and those directions bring about a reality that has its own uniqueness.In other words, man is not driving himself into a blind alley, he is studying the nature of his consciousness, and man often falls into the error of using his consciousness as if it were separate from nature, and therefore he sees nature and the world in a particular way.That view finally left him feeling isolated, lonely, and to a certain extent quite powerless.He is learning how to use the light of his own consciousness and discovering just how far a method of using its properties can be used.He’s learning what he can and can’t do with that particular focus.In other words, he was now discovering that he needed more light.He had been relying on only a small part of a whole inner light that could be used in many other directions.Let’s take a look at some of those other directions that are also inherent in human consciousness and still waiting to be usefully utilized.I speak in your historical terms, for before the system of history as you know it, man did experiment with these other aspects and with some degree of success, but it does not mean that the present man has fallen from some higher spiritual achievement to his present state.Consciousness has cycles in forming earthly experience and plotting the order of history, and so there have been other kinds of humans besides your own, each dealing with material data in his own way.So some have taken other directions than you chose, but even those paths are hidden within your private and group paths that reside within you and present alternative realities that you can choose or not choose as you wish.Of course, each system brings its own cultural “technology,” art and science.Medically speaking, far beyond your current understanding, the body is basically equipped to sustain itself as a healthy and long-lived organism.Cellular understanding provides a wide variety of internal remedies that operate quite naturally.There is a physical giving of each other between the body and the environment beyond your recognition: there is a dynamic here that you are not aware of that unites the health of plants, animals and humans.To take the simplest and most mundane example, if you live in a reasonably well-balanced and healthy environment, your plants and livestock will also be healthy.You form your environment and you are a part of it, but you often forget that relationship and react to it.Ideally, the body has the ability to sustain itself in excellent health, but more than that, to sustain itself at the peak of physical achievement.Your greatest athlete gave you a hint about one of the body’s true abilities.However, the athletes in your belief system must train and focus all their attention in that direction, often at the expense of other parts of their own experience.But their performance shows you what the body can do.Now, ideally again, the body is equipped to rid itself of any disease and remain stable until what you might call old age, a gradual change of the whole.But, in the best case, that change leads to spiritual change.For example, when you go away on vacation, you close up the house.In these ideal terms, death would involve the closing of your own house, but it would not collapse around you.Now, certain individuals have seen and exploited this remarkable natural healing power of the body, and doctors sometimes encounter it when a patient suffering from a so-called terminal illness suddenly recovers. The “miraculous” recovery is merely an example of unhindered nature.The complete physician is one who understands the true nature and potential of the body, and thus passes this concept on to others and encourages them to trust the body’s reliability.Certain abilities of the body may seem impossible to you because you have no evidence to support them, and many organs can completely replace themselves: diseased parts can be replaced by new tissue.Many people unknowingly get cancer and get rid of it: surgically removed appendices grow back.In practice, these forces of the body are quite biologically achievable, but only with a complete change of focus and belief.Your persistence separates you from nature, automatically prevents you from trusting the biological side of your body, and your religious beliefs further alienate you from the spiritual side of your body.In your reality, on the other hand, you often identify consciousness with body, that is, you think of your consciousness as always within your body, whereas many individuals have found themselves fully conscious and intuitively outside of the body.