Ropz is infected with COVID-19 and absent from Cato, galactica is blocked from taking off

2022-05-05 0 By

If the BLAST Spring Tournament was a training session and warm-up for the major teams, then the upcoming IEM Katowice is the first battle for the major teams. It is absolutely crucial for the teams to take off, but at such a critical time,With Estonian gun man Ropz on board, FAZE has a big problem.The most recent addition to FaZe is Ropz, the new signing BLAST Spring Split, who has been particularly successful in strengthening FaZe’s weaker attackers.However, on the first day of training for IEM Katowice, he was diagnosed with COVID-19.The news will be heart-wrenching and worrying for fans of FAZE and Tairopz.Ropz said in a personal statement: “After arriving at the training site on Monday, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 today and experienced some reactions and symptoms. The quarantine began today and will end on February 19th, 10th of every month, for the safety of others.This means that you will not be able to compete from the first match day and will be able to compete in the final (once the quarantine is over).Personally, it’s up to me.It depends on the team’s schedule.”As originally planned, FaZe would be the first opponent to participate in the IEM Katowice Play-in stage on The 19th of this month.The alternative TYLOOSprout is effective.FaZe has yet to announce the replacement of Ropz from the first race day.However, no matter who will replace Ropz, it will be difficult to take over ropz’s position. Therefore, we should not expect too much from FAZE’s performance in Cato this time. We should pay more attention to other teams and give Ropz and FAZE time to adjust, and hope Ropz can recover soon.None of the players will miss the prime of their careers because of the pandemic.