Pay attention!3 kinds of goods in the future or usher in “price surge”, there is demand as early as possible

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Since the advent of global inflation, the lives of people around the world have been affected, the most obvious feeling is that prices are rising, household spending pressure is increasing.In 2022, the situation has not improved, but intensified.For example, gasoline prices continued to climb from last year. Currently, gasoline 92 and 95 have exceeded 9 yuan, and gasoline 98 is even more expensive.Many car owners feedback, continue to rise will not be able to afford the car, it is better to open electric vehicles to save money and convenience.Those who have plans to buy cars are also abandoning plans to buy gasoline cars and considering new energy vehicles instead.In fact, since 95 gasoline has risen above $9, there has been a noticeable decrease in the amount of cars on the road.In addition, the price of vegetables and fruits is also rising.In many areas, vegetables are more expensive than meat once again, but given the critical stage of the epidemic, people have to keep buying and consuming nutrients.Which 3 kinds of products to pay attention to the price, the next 3 kinds of goods will also usher in the price surge, there is demand to get as early as possible.The first is that chicken and duck meat will rise in price.Now domestic farmers raise chicken and duck scale is limited, but from the demand is quite huge, will appear in short supply situation.In addition, China’s rising gasoline prices, resulting in increased transportation costs, has also driven up the price of chicken and duck meat.Modern people prefer chicken and duck meat to pork because of its high fat content.Anyone who exercises should know that it’s best to eat more chicken breast and less pork to build muscle.Modern people also pay attention to health, do not like too fat, so gradually use chicken and duck meat to replace pork.At present, the price of chicken and duck meat is bound to increase the burden of household expenses on food.The second category is seafood prices.Seafood mainly depends on the sea fishing, but now it is the national regulations of the fishing moratorium, fishermen are not allowed to go to sea to catch seafood, so the next period of time, the supply of seafood on the market will be reduced, the same will appear in short supply situation.As we all know, seafood products are rich in nutrients and delicious in taste, which is the love of many people. I wonder if the price will rise in the future. Are you still willing to buy them?The third category is the price of aquatic products will rise.Aquatic products and seafood are similar, on the one hand due to the impact of the fishing moratorium, on the other hand due to the epidemic, resulting in increased transportation costs.In order to preserve their profits, fishermen have to pass on the increased costs to consumers.In a word, the situation of rising prices will not dissipate in a short time.For families of modest means, belt-tightening may be necessary.If you can’t make ends meet, you may have to dip into your savings to cover your daily expenses.Here are some tips on how to deal with the tough times ahead.First of all, I suggest you learn to increase source and reduce expenditure.As the name suggests, cut down on non-essential expenses and improve yourself for a raise or promotion.This method is suitable for most people, because there are many modern shopaholics, especially for women, obviously some things are not practical, they must follow the trend to buy back, the result is unused, resulting in waste.Secondly, it is recommended that we do not expand debt.Some young people themselves are car slaves or mortgage slaves. If they increase their debts, they will only be out of breath.Your house and car may have to change their names if you can’t pay the mortgage.Finally, don’t start a business blindly.Some people are not reconciled to the low income and want to make a lot of money as their own boss.In fact, starting a business is no less risky than investing in wealth management, and you can get into a lot of debt when you fail.