Minhou County Market supervision bureau organized the people’s livelihood measurement supervision during the Spring Festival spot check

2022-05-05 0 By

First, focus on key areas.We will carry out special supervision and inspection of market measurement in farmers’ markets, large and medium-sized shopping malls and supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations and other areas closely related to people’s livelihood by combining random inspections with key inspections.Second, highlight inspection priorities.Check whether the measuring instruments used by business units are verified according to the requirements, whether they are in a qualified state, whether there are illegal acts of measurement cheating, and whether the net content of quantitative packaged goods related to festivals and the commodity quantity of retail goods conform to the provisions of the state allowance,Whether the units that have publicly committed themselves to the measurement of good faith strictly implement the main responsibility, fulfill the commitment of good faith and measurement management system.Third, highlighting publicity and assistance.Strengthen the publicity of measurement knowledge, integrate the publicity and popularization of the Measurement Law and related laws and regulations into the whole process of supervision and inspection service guidance, and respond quickly to the mass complaints of concentrated metering consumption and rights protection events.At present, a total of 15 law enforcement personnel, inspection of farmers market, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations and other 26 times, sampling inspection of 56 sets of measuring instruments, not found unqualified measuring instruments, sampling inspection of the net content of quantitative packaging goods in 3 batches, all qualified, did not receive measurement consumer complaints.