Jinan bus female driver 18 years of Spring Festival duty

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The Spring Festival, the most important traditional festival for Chinese people, is a time for family reunion. People who have been busy all year get together with their families to enjoy the warmth of kinship.However, in the public transport industry, there are some drivers in order to facilitate the people’s Spring Festival travel, give up the good time with family reunion, stick to the front line guarantee operation.It is their hard work and pay, just for the city traffic “artery” unimpeded and safety.In them, we see the dedication and persistence of the beauty.Now let us approach them and feel their different Spring Festival.In the morning of January 31, the reporter saw Li Xuehui in jinan bus group south company a shandong theater site.As people prepare for New Year’s Eve, Li Xuehui is still on the road.She is jinan public transport south company team K34 bus on a high star driver, up to this year, she has paid for 35 years of public transport career, 35 years, she has 18 years of Spring Festival is spent in the car.Her husband is also a bus driver, and they are on the same route, in the same car.”Everyone wants to spend the Lunar New Year with their families, but we are on holiday, so how can people travel?So must ensure the normal operation of vehicles, this is our bus person responsibility, besides our family are all public transport workers, can understand this job is not easy, so every Chinese New Year when I and the young pilot shift as far as possible, for young people to go home early to accompany the old man, my family and I used to the Chinese New Year, the team as well in the carriage of for the feast, don’t have a taste.””Hello, happy New Year!”Each to a station, master li always get on the bus passengers greetings, greetings, passengers also enthusiastic response to master li, master li said, according to his many years of experience, this time to go home by bus passengers basic as well as he is also stick to the last bus hillock worker in a wide range of industries, it is their silently pays the orderly operation of the the city as a whole.In master Li’s carriage, the reporter interviewed a family, it is understood that they are going to the old man there to have a reunion dinner, “why not take a taxi?””Asked the reporter.”We know that buses don’t take a break during the Spring Festival. We feel that they are the most lovely people during the festival, and also the most heart-breaking and warm people.”The passenger said with satisfaction.Back to the team, Master Li’s husband Zhang Lu sent dumplings for her, Master Li did not spend the New Year’s Eve at home for many years, with a team master Zhang Lu not only on duty of his wife did not complain, but admire her decades as one day of work spirit, he said:”We two shifts are early and late shift, one morning, a late shift, she is a five-star driver, I am a three-star drivers, star is higher than me, she not only work well, and after work have to care for the elderly, children, looked at her so hard, I deliberately do today rice sent to her, the za is bus families, better serve our daughter-in-law ah.”Zhang Lu said with a simple and honest smile.This is our Jinan bus people, they have no spectacular life experience, no earth-shattering achievements, for the safety of the citizens, they give up their homes, for everyone, guarding the peace and harmony of the festival, for the normal operation of the city and economic and social development to make a positive contribution.Hats off to you!You are the most beautiful scenery during the Spring Festival!(Love Jinan reporter: Hou Shizhe correspondent Zhao Dongyun) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in time.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)