A Few Surprises on the horizon?Extraordinary elder brother take you tiger tiger live power!

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222 is who, in the classic Hong Kong drama “hero of the Hero” in the role of the extraordinary brother deeply rooted in the heart of the people?Who’s this, who’s been a regular in the bairn section of station B lately?Who will join the 2022 Pearl River Channel New Year’s Eve special “Pearl River Spring Warm Happy Year” to bring you full of joy and memories before the screen?That’s right, say his name — he’s Mai Bao Mai Evergreen!Song and dance + skits exploded stem non-stop “gold Lord father” strength interpretation of “rich capricious “!This time on the “Pearl River Spring warm happy year” stage, Mai Changqing will participate in the dance show “Modern love”, sketch “I want to be the leading role” and music program “old love like a dream” and other programs, bring everyone back to the modern ballroom, feel the story of luxury and beauty in the troubled world.The actor, who plays the film’s investor, described the character as a “rich, wayward father” and said he was excited to share the stage with zhang Heping, who he admired very much.He also mentioned that the understanding of guangzhou amorous feelings of the 30 s, “no mobile phone, you use the telephone and telegraph to spread information, received information will be concern, because of the good news is will tell you the time in advance, only home in a hurry by telegraph or telephone, compared to this year’s transportation, information, and diet, can saying is to.””Mai Bao” will also link with old friend Yang Siqi, bring wonderful performance full of age sense, friends rub their hands — live!Special brother turns into “working man”?Wish to take advantage of the prestige of the Year of the Tiger “undertaking”!With the screen in the special elder brother one corner to bring the audience deep impression, was invited to imagine the new era special elder brother’s appearance, “Mai bao” think he is a “villain” : love to report, stepping on colleagues to climb;But only never cheat a woman, have their own principles and adhere to.”That’s probably why so many people fall in love with Brother Fei Fei;Put modern society, liang Feifan is actually a bully the nobody of others.”Original special elder brother also is ground floor work person (bully work person work person)!In mai Bao’s heart, the Year of the Tiger is a year of vigor and vitality. He sincerely hopes that all of us can keep up our spirits and “follow the trend of the Year of the Tiger and work together to revitalize the Greater Bay Area”.What are you waiting for?Remember to watch “Pearl River Spring Happy Year” at 19:00 on January 31 to see the wonderful performance of Mai Changqing and celebrate the coming of the year with him!Special thanks to a thriving business Drink much treasure this program by adding the stupa special broadcast this programme comes by courtesy of a supplementary nutrition improve brain memory life. 1 special broadcast contributor, edit | | zun XiaoYu statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of the information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn