71-year-old Zhang Yimou’s body worries him!Prepare for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, take medicine after the cold night rain rehearsal

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Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!On February 3, Zhang Yimou’s studio posted a video showing him preparing for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, which attracted the attention of netizens.Rehearsals for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics are hard, and many people have to wait for a long time before they can perform.”The children are waiting for us to see them first,” zhang said.After the children’s performance, Zhang Yimou showed a kind smile, full of pride, he led the applause, full of praise for the children, every move is particularly kind.Netizens praised Zhang’s act as “heart-warming”, saying he would let the children perform first and then go to rest for fear that they would get sick from the cold.Zhang Yimou recently for the Winter Olympics, it can be said is painstaking.A few days ago, he and his daughter co-shot the movie “Sniper” also released, father and daughter are busy to promote the new film, the itinerary is very busy.During the Spring Festival, Zhang Yimou did not have a good rest. He often stayed up late to discuss plans with his team. After watching the rehearsal, he was so tired that he frowned and did not want to talk much, and his face was haggard and tired.When the others were too sleepy to open their eyes and nodded, Zhang yimou reminded them: “What date is dawn?”Watching the opening ceremony broadcast imminent, we in the general director’s spur, and play up the spirit.Actually zhang Yimou himself also tired to some confused, when he encourages everybody, raise volume to say: “I want three words: good-looking!”She made a lot of people laugh.Everyone was rehearsing against the clock, and the chief director was doing everything himself, keeping an eye on the action almost every second.Now Zhang Yimou is over 70 years old, the body is no longer as strong as before, plus every day in “continuous rotation”, so he fell ill.Fortunately, the illness is not very serious, Zhang Yimou took time to take some medicine to alleviate the disease.He held a powdery bag in his hand, swallowed it quickly, and then gave a pained expression.While taking the medicine, Zhang yimou’s eyes were still fixed on the rehearsal, indicating that he was nervous and trying his best to present a perfect opening ceremony.The 71-year-old zhang’s health has caused concern among netizens, who speculated that he may have taken panax notoginseng and urged him to take care of his health and not work too hard.Panax notoginseng is a kind of herbal medicine, need to be ground powder swallowed, used for the treatment of hemoptysis, fall injury, etc., can promote blood stasis, detumescence and pain.However, this is only a netizen’s speculation, zhang Yimou specific take what medicine is not known.He has always been dedicated to his work. Even when traveling on high-speed trains, he insisted on discussing plans with his team and striving for the best in every detail.Zhang Yimou should have a good rest at night after taking medicine during the day.But he kept rehearsing in the rain on cold nights, testing all the equipment, making sure nothing was wrong.His spirit of preparing for the Winter Olympics with illness is admirable, but still hope zhang Can pay attention to the body, work and rest.The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games will officially meet with you on the evening of February 4, I believe Zhang Yimou will give the people of the country to hand over a perfect “answer paper”, do you look forward to?# Zhang Yimou # Winter Olympics opening Ceremony # Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony