Village of Bai Miao village in Sui County: The pioneer of rural Revitalization culture

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February 13, spring and bright scenery.In the cultural compound of The Village of Bai Miao in Sui County, several villagers are painting at a desk.”Painting here not only cultivates one’s sentiment, but also increases one’s income.This Spring Festival, my husband and I hand-painted 200 pairs of couplets and door gods and sold them for 4,000 yuan.”Villager Jiang Xinju said with a smile on his face.As a traditional village in eastern Henan, the appearance of tulou village can be described as “soil” worthy of the name.In the past three years, the village has trained more than 40 students who are able to write and draw by opening farmers’ meticulous brushwork painting rooms and calligraphy classes for public benefit, from single farmers’ meticulous brushwork painting to the design of art derivatives such as hand-painted bags, customized mobile phone cases, hand-painted T-shirts, canvas shoes, scrolls, folding fans and group fans.The innovative development of painting and calligraphy industrialization of “rigid demand, practical and consumable” is adapted to and integrated with the development of The Times.50 rural courtyards were renovated, and you can have an annual lease of a small courtyard for 1,000 yuan.The village has been awarded the characteristic cultural industry village of Henan Province, the rural tourism demonstration village of Henan Province, and the demonstration community school of Henan Province.Zhang Qiangzheng, a peasant calligrapher, works with students in plum Blossom Garden.During the Spring Festival, they send handwritten Spring Festival couplets to villagers to send blessings.”In the past, when villagers first learned gongbi painting, their works were of low quality and could not be sold at a high price.To stimulate their creativity, they were paid in advance to take back their work, which was later mobilized.They don’t know how to write, so we’ll tag their pictures and sell them.The villagers clean the art courtyard, create paintings and calligraphy at home, and make traditional farm food to sell to tourists. Everyone in the village has work to do, and the young and old earn money!”Zhang qiang said.”By putting down the hoe and picking up the paintbrush, the villagers can not only earn income, but also enrich their spare time life, improve their own quality and cultural accomplishment, and play a great role in inheriting and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture.During the Spring Festival just past, we sold more than 20,000 couplets and 500 door gods, and the village’s income reached nearly 200,000 yuan.”This village farmer handcraft draws cultural cooperative principal Zhu Yongzhang introduction.Tulou Village, with its unique cultural atmosphere, has become famous, attracting an endless stream of art troupe and tourists every week.”Now come to the ans village the person that travel sightseeing is more and more, the person of the village goes out before the door also know to pick up oneself clean clean, show the image that gives modern new farmer, cannot let others see joke.””Said Huang Peiyun, a villager.When it comes to the future development, white temple township party secretary liu hua, said the village in line with the “rural culture, first” guiding ideology, will continue to take the “4 + N” mode, social resources together, in hand-painted, splendid, local products and medicinal plant as the leading industry, on this basis, the innovation development of home stay facility, restaurant, bar, such as picking the service sector,To build a characteristic town integrating modern agriculture and leisure tourism.