There is a “cosmetic” called divorce for a year!Ajiao fat to recognize, Lai Hongguo suddenly thin 20 catties

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Recently, I believe that many people have heard a thing, that is, Ajiao’s ex-husband Lai Hongguo official announced his girlfriend to get married, but also said his wife has been pregnant, three times married finally the first time to do a father, excited mood to share with the media.Lai Hongguo itself to find the other half is also a good thing, but in official propaganda, Lai Hongguo choose heavy describes new wife looks beautiful, long and is an outstanding student, and to themselves to give up work, choose cheap diamond ring such as pay, let a person suddenly thought of the Lai Hongguo on the show constant ridicule ejiao love to spend money to buy package, as well as for the wedding to bankruptcy.In a twinkling of an eye, Ajiao and Lai Hongguo have been divorced for more than a year, this year, ajiao the biggest change, is a lot of fat, because of divorce, depression and other torture, Ajiao fat circle.Participating in the program gjiao, also talked about more of themselves, on the program, Gjiao said he has been very unfortunate, she grew up without the company of her parents, living in relatives from childhood, cold eyes, and unfair treatment, so she was afraid to interact with people.In the feelings, Ajiao also once said that he actually bottom line has no retreat, but her husband will not understand their own, but will constantly refresh her bottom line, until unable to give in, Ajiao chose to divorce.As a child encounter, add colourful illuminate the harm of the door, it seems that destroyed a Jiao to love all fantasy, the marriage of a paragraph of failure, more let her lonely.And on the other side of the Lai Hongguo, when just divorced, has been teasing Gjiao, also said he is the victim, he is no longer married, but a short year, Lai Hongguo in addition to just began to lose twenty catty, soon met a new love, now also want to be a father.Two different experiences, can only make people sigh, Ajiao really better, find their own happiness, to the best fight back Lai Hongguo.