“Stranger” in the Sea of Tranquility

2022-05-04 0 By

The sudden “Omicron” disrupted too many people’s plans, but also disrupted the footsteps of “strangers” returning home.During the Spring Festival, how to let them feel the warmth of home, jinghai district many enterprises hit the “warm heart card”, with “no closing” Spring Festival service, so that the employees stay in jing have a happy and peaceful warm year.Liu Gen, 26, a front-wheel preloader at Emma’s Tianjin factory, chose to stay in Jinghai this Spring Festival.Since joining Emma’s big family in 2020, Liu Gen has not been back to his hometown of Zhenyuan for the Spring Festival for two years, and his heart is full of guilt and missing his mother.A video, a few words of parental gossip, conveyed the mother and son’s deep thoughts for each other.”In Emma’s big family, we are loved and cared by our leaders, and our colleagues are very kind to us and often give us welfare benefits. We also feel at home here.”Liu said gen.In Emma Technology Group, Yang Luxia, like Liu Gen, broke her promise to her family this Spring Festival.The 21-year-old was a new employee this year. She had planned to go back to her hometown in Gansu province with her new husband, who also works here, but the epidemic didn’t want to disrupt her plans.Although it is a pity, the couple feel very pleased to be able to contribute to epidemic prevention and control and enterprise production.”My brothers and sisters in the company took care of us. The company prepared dinner for everyone and gave us a lot of New Year’s benefits.”Before the Spring Festival, Emma Technology Group arranged production work in advance and extended the enterprise holiday time.At the same time, we have prepared a wealth of Gifts for the Chinese New Year, and arranged the life and entertainment of more than 1,000 employees staying in Silence for the Chinese New Year with real money and sincerity, so that they can feel the warmth of home while sticking to their posts.”We have prepared a standard New Year’s Eve gift package of 300 yuan for our employees, including nuts, cakes, fruits, etc. The company’s recreational and sports facilities are open 24/7, so that employees can use them in their spare time.The whole park is decorated with Spring Festival couplets, lanterns and ribbons to make employees feel the thick smell of the New Year.”Emma Technology Group talent operation center director Shi Kunhua said.There is no fear of mountains and seas, this peace of mind is my hometown.In Jinghai, not only Emma Technology Group, but also a large number of enterprises are actively practicing their social responsibilities. Through a series of heart-warming measures, they are able to retain people with “sincerity” and “warmth”, so that the “second home” of people from other places can have a wonderful taste of the Year of the Tiger.Source: Jing Hai Rong Media END