Guangdong province voluntary public welfare area online

2022-05-04 0 By

The reporter learned from relevant departments on April 7 that the Guangdong Provincial Affairs platform has recently launched a voluntary public welfare zone, realizing the “one-stop” participation in public welfare services and effectively improving the public awareness and environment of public welfare.The guangdong Province volunteer public welfare zone, which was launched this time, links two groups, public welfare personages and recipients, and is designed according to the different needs of the two groups.While calling on the masses to take the initiative to participate in public welfare undertakings and provide information and services to public welfare people, they are also committed to providing social assistance to the recipients and becoming the “connector” of public welfare services.For public welfare people, guangdong Province Voluntary Public Welfare Zone has planned a number of contents, promoting various kinds of volunteer activities, policies and services, such as environmental protection, poverty alleviation and helping the elderly, to provide direct, effective and credible channels for charitable people to participate in public welfare services.Users who are interested in participating in public welfare activities can enter the voluntary public welfare area on the Guangdong Provincial Affairs platform, select the public welfare activities they want to participate in from the list of volunteer activities, such as respecting the elderly and helping the disabled, helping the poor and helping the poor, public security prevention and control, etc., and check the blood donation results and personal electronic blood donation certificate.The zone integrates online services such as registered volunteers, joining volunteer organizations, signing up for volunteer activities, and punching in volunteer hours. In addition, it comprehensively displays individual volunteers’ star rating, service hours and other public welfare records as well as volunteers’ rights and interests to form personal volunteer public welfare activity participation files.At the same time, the Guangdong Provincial Volunteer public welfare zone provides a number of public services for the recipients.Recipients can enter the service page through the “I Need help” entrance and choose different help services according to their own situation.At present, the elderly can apply for a number of rights and interests services through the zone, such as qualification certification for the elderly, allowance application for the elderly, outstanding certificate for the elderly and other rights and interests services, patients can apply for on-line serious disease assistance and other rights and interests services, the disabled can apply for disability subsidies, individual tax exemption and other rights and interests services.The zone also provides free psychological counseling, free lawyer counseling and other public services, taking full care of the needs of the recipients.Making guangdong Province volunteer public service area into a unified volunteer public service platform in Guangdong province is conducive to the rapid development of public service undertakings in Guangdong Province.Guangdong Province voluntary public welfare zone gathers public services from different business units to realize the public’s “one stop” participation in public service;Through the connection between guangdong provincial affairs and government entities, the authenticity and credibility of public welfare projects are effectively guaranteed.With a wide user base, the Guangdong provincial affairs platform can effectively carry out public welfare communication and enhance the awareness of public participation in public welfare activities.