Construction of 31 key projects in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone has begun, with a total investment of 76.3 billion yuan

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Gallop forward and strive for a new chapter.On the morning of February 8, the commencement ceremony of the first quarter key projects of Xi ‘an High-tech Zone was held in the main venue and two sub-venues respectively. A total of 31 projects were started, with a total investment of 76.3 billion yuan, and the annual planned investment of 25.5 billion yuan. The projects cover four categories, including advanced manufacturing, service industry, infrastructure and livelihood guarantee.It is understood that the focus of the construction of the key projects, 14 advanced manufacturing projects, including the National Advanced Rare metal materials technology innovation Center and high-performance titanium alloy products production base, The Eden high-end auto parts project, a total investment of 19.5 billion yuan, the annual investment of 11 billion yuan;3 service projects, including Western Returned Scholars Association Returnees Town, Silk Road Wisdom Valley and Gaoxin Xinluo Hotel, with a total investment of 4.1 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 1 billion yuan;7 infrastructure projects, including Unremarkable High Speed Composite Passageway Project, international community Fashion Town district comprehensive development, Datang Xi ‘an Thermal Power Plant — Samsung Heat Source Plant Heating pipe network project, with a total investment of 34.5 billion YUAN, with an annual planned investment of 6.5 billion yuan;A total of 17.9 billion yuan was invested in seven projects to ensure people’s livelihood, including the high-tech zone housing for talents and resettlement housing projects, with an annual investment of 6.8 billion yuan.Among them, the national Advanced Rare Metal Materials Technology Innovation Center and high-performance titanium alloy products production base project where the main venue is located, with a total investment of 6 billion yuan, is a key national scientific and technological innovation project, a typical representative of the multi-party cooperation of “industry-university-research-government”, and a demonstration project of the integration of “advanced, sophisticated and advanced” chain of Qin Chuangyuan.The National Advanced Rare Metal Material Technology Innovation Center is expected to break through more than 70 key core technologies and more than 20 key generic technologies, incubate 5 to 10 new companies and generate an estimated annual revenue of 2 billion yuan.The production base of high-performance titanium alloy products will produce 4500 hot titanium molding parts (sets), 6000 cold titanium molding parts (sets) and 10,000 special titanium molding parts (sets) annually after the project reaches its completion, realizing an annual output value of 1.6 billion yuan.While at the venue where the two projects, the project is aidan, high-end auto parts of the province, the city around passenger cars (new energy industrial chain for the key link to the chain extending chain of key projects, will build the French faurecia high-end automotive research and development production base, in order to meet the byd auto, local and other car companies around the increasing capacity requirements,Xi ‘an new energy vehicle industry to provide world-class supporting products and services.After the completion of the project, it is expected to achieve an annual output value of 6 billion yuan and create nearly 1,500 jobs.The Gaoxi-Unyi Highway Composite Corridor project stretches 38.4km, with a total of 8 stations set up. It combines the functions of long distance fast passage and short distance urban distribution.After completion, it can realize the rapid connection between the central urban area of Xi ‘an and the southern and western regions, effectively drive the comprehensive development and utilization of land along the line, and realize the deep integration of industry and city.In 2022, the construction of the “four high-tech” in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone will enter the key stage of improving quality and efficiency. A total of 537 “four high-tech” construction projects will be planned in Xi ‘an High-tech Zone (including the early stage), with a total investment of 1,244 billion yuan.Among them, there are 90 “Happy High-tech” projects, covering talent housing, resettlement housing, elderly care services, school renovation, rural revitalization, medical and health projects, etc.265 “high quality and high-tech” projects, including rail transit, roads and Bridges, greening and water conservancy projects;There are 19 “Science and technology innovation and High-tech” projects, covering science and technology innovation projects such as Qin Innovation Technology Transformation platform, photon industry and big science device.There are 163 high-tech projects involving electronic information, automobiles, intelligent manufacturing and new materials.Of these projects, 440 are under construction, with an annual planned investment of 180 billion yuan.137 provincial and municipal annual key projects., said an official with the xi ‘an high-tech zone in the fluctuation will adhere to “emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, make persistent efforts,” write a new chapter, high quality development in order to “start is the sprint, the start is decisive battle” in good condition, for the project construction as a top priority to promote the development of high quality, struggling to stand up the backbone of the development of high qualityTo build “high-tech strength, high-tech innovation, high-tech quality, high-tech happiness”, to be the main position and main force of the city’s steady growth and investment promotion, and to be the leader and leader of xi ‘an’s high-quality development!Leaders of relevant units in Xi ‘an, leaders of hi-tech Zone and Hi-tech Group, relevant enterprises and project leaders attended the activities in the main venue and sub-venue respectively.