Chengdu citizens shopping in the supermarket new discovery: green products more abundant packaging materials more environmentally friendly

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Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Consumption, which states that by 2025, a consumption system with green, low-carbon and circular development will take shape.Go green and pick up small portions of your family’s favorite dishes and take them home in biodegradable plastic bags…Ren Jun, who lives in Chenghua District, found a new change when he visited ITO Fresh Supermarket in Chunxi Road: more green organic products, people take the initiative to use degradable environmental protection plastic bags, and in the supermarket, all kinds of green signs and environmental protection initiatives, green and low-carbon consumption is becoming a new fashion.Citizens prefer “green” product reporter in holiday visit timeout found that compared with traditional fuel vehicle main selling through 4 s shop, more and more new energy automobile brand choice set stores in shopping malls and shopping centers, adopt the mode of “retail stores, like smart phones, laptops and other electronic products for the consumers into the store directly to pick,Only in Chengdu mixc reporters saw ideal, Xiaopeng and other new energy vehicle brands.Because of low carbon environmental protection and low cost, new energy vehicles have become a new favorite for travel.More and more citizens participate in the ranks of green consumption, new energy vehicles have become a new choice for citizens to buy cars.”It’s much easier to charge now, and I have one near my house.”Ms. Li, who just bought a new energy car, admitted that the new energy car is more environmentally friendly, especially the green way of consumption is widely implemented at the moment, and even is becoming a “trend”.At the supermarket on the other side, “organic” items are popular with consumers.Citizen Zhang Duan was shopping for a product. A brand of pure milk labeled “100% organic raw milk” caught her attention. After carefully checking the label, she bought two cases.”I have elderly people and young children at home, so WHEN I buy organic milk, I pay special attention to its quality. Besides the date of production, I also look at whether it has been certified by the organic food certification agency, so that I can eat it safely.”In addition, consumers are more and more inclined to be green and healthy. Organic rice and organic vegetables are very popular.It is well known that shopping malls and supermarkets are places where “plastic” products are used.In ito-Yokado Chun-hee store, most customers use their own cloth bags or plastic bags, while a small number of customers who buy more goods choose to buy large plastic bags.”They are all biodegradable plastic bags which are a bit expensive but still acceptable, so if you have to bring your own.””Said Li Yuxiao, a supermarket shopper.The reporter visited chunxi Road nearby and found that the disposable straws used in restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC are also paper straws, and many consumers take away doggo bags are also paper pockets.Ito-yokado in Chengdu is also rolling out biodegradable plastic bags in its stores.Such measures not only respond to the national call, but also help the actual operation of the mall.According to chengdu Ito-Yokado related person in charge, the store has also changed the basic, large amount of fresh packaging materials into biodegradable materials.”We will also strengthen guidance for consumers to make green consumption truly a new trend.”