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Notified about violation of rights and interests of the user behavior App (first batch of 2022, with a total of 21) on the basis of the personal information protection act of the network safety “the telecommunications ordinance” telecom and Internet users’ personal information protection sets “and other laws and regulations, our recent third party testing institutions for mobile Internet applications (App) to inspect, so far,There are still 107 apps that have not completed rectification.At the same time, 13 embedded third-party software development kits (SDKS) were found to collect user device information in violation of regulations (see attachment for details).The above App and SDK should complete the rectification and implementation before February 25.If the rectification is not made within the time limit, the Ministry will organize and carry out relevant disposal work in accordance with laws and regulations.Attachment: List of APP(SDK) with problems notified by the Ministry of Industry and Information TechnologySource: Information and Communication Administration Bureau, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, CCTV Finance editor/Zhang Yi editor/Huihui wechat advertising cooperation: 0724-2378897