After the beginning of one yuan, vientiane renewal, easy virtual emerged at the historic moment

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Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year, happy New Year to you, here I wish you all: millions of fans, income, full of happiness, good luck.I don’t hear anything out of the window, I just read the sages.The books of sages have no significance for the present age.Only integration throughout, absorb the culture of the sages, the combination of traditional culture and modern culture, seeking the way of neutralization, instant human fireworks, and smell the traditional culture.Let the world full of love, surplus create a harmonious atmosphere, so that mental patients and trauma of the crowd to be at ease, wish the world all unhappy friends to solve their own confusion.A deep faith will only make their own way of life further and further, and social development is not in harmony.Buddhism: seeking the way of liberation, Taoism: advocating imitation of nature.Christian theology, zhouyi reasoning feng shui.Beauty of purity spiritual distress of the masses, the pursuit of material wealth.And unable to extricate.Mortgage slaves, car slaves, and people who can’t pay their credit cards are everywhere.Young people brokenhearted, middle-aged family and marriage discord of the crowd suffering, bear great pressure on the mind.Elderly people are lonely and unable to enjoy life, making nursing homes the ideal place to go.Health is not only physical exercise, but also psychological accomplishment.All diseases are rooted in the mind and formed in qi.An angry person will bloat and choke up the air in his body.”Yellow Emperor neijing” said that anger hurts the liver, if a person often angry complain, the liver will slowly accumulate turbidity, we all know that the liver and gallbladder are connected, the liver turbidity to gallbladder, further spread to the stomach.Then the turbid gas in the stomach is more and more, form stomach bilge and can not eat rice, the inferior health of a person comes so namely.The pursuit of life, the cradle of dreams.Material life: life can be expected, the future is expected, there is a fixed place to live, the line has a good car.Acres of fertile land, wealth;Spiritual life: a wife, a good friend, career, endless learning, millions of fans, thousands of friends.Yi Xu TA originated from January 20, 2022 in the Gregorian calendar, the 18th day of the 12th month in the lunar calendar of 2021, great Cold.The source of yi is Zhouyi, and the source of emptiness is heart sutra.The appearance of physical nutrition imbalance, but in fact it is not.They are easier to understand because they have a place to live.Yi Xu TA emerged at the historic moment, let the heart of the people find a sense of belonging, and strive to change the way of life, correct their own attitude, to contribute value to the society, this is the original intention of the author.My fair lady