Welcome the 25th Provincial Games bow and arrow ready to start

2022-05-03 0 By

In sports venues, in addition to the speed and vitality of the dynamic projects to attract attention, there are some static projects are equally pleasing to the eye, gripping.For example, archery, the competition item of the 25th Provincial Games, has a unique charm.In the archery training field of Rizhao Sports School, the players are straight in shape. They hold the bow in their left hand and pull the string tightly with their right hand. With the sound of “bang”, the arrow will firmly plunge into the target before the sound of leaving the string falls.Archery requires very high stability. Every time the athletes shoot, they have to maintain a fixed posture and the same force.”The main thing is mental, focus and mental strength.”Rizhao sports school archery team coach Ding Liye said, into the formal final, that is, in the individual elimination competition must go through five rounds of elimination system, one to one elimination, to enter the final gold medal opportunity.In order to practice good archery, member Jiang Jiaming’s fingers have been grinding blood, but he did not know, still over and over again solid hard practice.Jiang jiaming is proud of being an archer in the provincial Games and has set himself a goal.”I think you need a very strong psychological quality to practice this program.”Jiang Jiaming said that after practicing this for more than a year, I felt much more mature and stable than before.The goal this time is to get the gold medal in the provincial Games.(Rizhao Radio and TELEVISION Rong media reporter Liu Yi) Editor in charge: Mu Mu