@Taiyuan people!Start surprise: fog + snow + sleet

2022-05-03 0 By

Today, the first working day of the year of the seventh tiger sleep also sleep full wine also drink enough money also spent almost the section also finished good next will be sober in the world here I wish everyone a good start!What’s the weather like this week?Province: Monday: Cloudy, with snow flurries in central and southern parts;Light fog or fog in parts of north and south central;Tuesday: Cloudy;Wednesday: Mostly sunny;Thursday: Cloudy to overcast;Friday: Overcast, with light snow or sleet in most areas;Saturday: Cloudy with light snow in some northern areas.Taiyuan Datong Shuozhou Xinzhou Yangquan Jinzhong Lvliang Changzhi Jincheng Linfen Yuncheng source/Shanxi Meteorological Bureau Shanxi News Network Shanxi Daily Reprover: Li Lintang Hua