Some ski rink ticket sales double snow and ice travel into the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival popular “open” way

2022-05-03 0 By

Beijing, February 2 (China Youth Daily · China Youth network reporter Li Zhuo) On the second day of the New Year, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games kicked off, the Beijing torch relay officially started.Winter Olympics + New Year, snow and ice travel has become the most popular way to “open” this Spring Festival.The reporter learned from Qunar platform today that on the first two days of the New Year’s Eve, the search heat of “skiing” and “skating” increased by more than three times compared to the first two days of the Spring Festival, and ticket sales of many popular ski rink doubled.Beijing has the most popular ice farms.Huaibei, Nanshan, Jundu Mountain, Shijinlong and Yuyang ski resorts have all become popular ski resorts.Ticket sales for the first two days of the holiday were more than double the pre-epidemic figures for the same period.As Beijing’s natural ice rink will be closed on February 5, the Shichahai and Summer Palace ice rink will also see a peak of play.While people in the north prefer suburban snow resorts, people in the south prefer indoor snow theme parks.Ticket sales at indoor snow resorts such as Shaoxing Qiaobo Snow World and Guangzhou Sunac Snow World doubled on the first two days of Spring Festival compared to the previous two days.In terms of unit price, Yunnan Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort, Jilin Changbai Mountain International Ski Resort and Jilin Songhua Lake ski Resort have become the most “gold-absorbing” ski resorts.Most of the passengers choose to live more than 2 nights, the price of the guest is more than 2000 yuan.Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain surrounding hotels, some of the night price of more than 4000 yuan.Source: China Youth Daily client