Outrageous!Xiao Zhan, Li Qin new play official publicity, two people have been rumored romance

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The first wave of official publicity came from the TV series “The Sea in My Dream”, starring Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, telling the story of the young people in Beijing in the 1970s.A normal period drama, but it’s getting a lot of talk lately because of the leading role.Li Qin and Xiao Zhan, and double 叒 Yi cooperation.They started working together in 17.”Celebrate more than year” inside Li Qin plays female “chicken leg girl” Lin Waner.Xiao Zhan as has been in other countries in the investigation institute sponsored around the son of ice cloud.The characters are directly related to the hero, but there is not much direct action between the two characters.Same thing in “Fight the Sky.”Li Qin counts one of female advocate, xiao Zhan personates inflammation to help main member, two people still do not have the intersection between what role and counterpoint play.It wasn’t until the TV series “Your Highness the Wolf” that they had a lot of interaction and romance.When the emotional line comes, so does the gossip.In October of 18, the net friend pulls out two people ever meet to ski together, the other friend of the same company is sending photo of time also specially paste drop Li Qin.At that time, some people said that this is a little here without silver meaning…However, both Xiao zhan and Li Qin studio later denied, Xiao Zhan there staff said that he had not heard of love, ski photos are more unaware of the artist is single.Li Qin there also clarified that this is false information, not true.However, at that time, Chen Qing Ling had not been broadcast, and Xiao Zhan did not reach the top of the current position, so the netizens only to eat melon.Later xiao Zhan and Li Qin go higher and higher on his career severally.Xiao Zhan’s “Chen Qing Ling” made him a popular flow of entertainment, the follow-up resources and endorsements have not broken.Li Qin’s popularity and popularity skyrocketed with the launch of dramas such as “Celebrate The Remaining Years.”As a result, the gossip between them reappeared.Xiao Zhan dined at a hot pot restaurant in Chengdu during the tour of the drama “A Dream Like a Dream” in 2011.Fans and passers-by mobbed the cast while they were having dinner because of the leaked schedule.Big guy son take a picture of time, suddenly discover sit xiao zhan opposite eat hot pot girl, be Li Qin.Li Qin wasn’t one of the actors in “A Dream Like a Dream,” but he was spotted at the Chengdu airport long before Xiao Zhan’s play opened.She wore a casual white T-shirt, grey trousers and the same hat as the girl sitting opposite Xiao zhan.In addition, When Xiao Zhan is performing drama, there are net friends to capture the figure of Li Qin.So the “love story” is on the rise.However, Xiao Zhan denied the rumor again, saying that the love affair can not be false, that the hot pot that day was a party, not a date.Originally thought the melon of two people arrive here end, two people have cooperated a lot of play, personal friendship affirmation also good, friend visit class, again normal however.However, the film’s official announcement reminds us of the couple’s affair.So the net friend broke the news studio refuted the rumor this kind of discussion came round again.According to normal logic, if two young people at the peak of their careers fall in love, it is to protect the fans and their own popularity, not to cooperate under the gun, right?Anti-logic is “love at public expense”, but see Li Qin and Xiao Zhan dinner also not shy of the situation, not like.Say Li Qin again, although be in rising period, but the play that receives these a few years besides “celebrate more years” besides, public praise is general.As her acting is not bad, she has been expected from her debut.He was originally a state-trained kunqu opera actor, but later turned to a professional actor. His first play was a new version of a dream of Red Mansions.The second play was another tribute play, playing Yang Kaihui in China 1921.Two plays let as a newcomer, she twice stood on the stage of the Hundred Flowers Award.Nevertheless after this Li Qin receives play again, appear to have a bit afterpower insufficient.Two series in 2013, Daughter of Gold and Bright Life, are the kind of urban dramas with good ratings but poor reputation.Not only do they lose sight of the actors’ acting skills, but they let the audience automatically pull them into silly, sweet Settings.Not a plus.Then very long period of time, what Li Qin receives is such dog blood city drama.As a result, she often appears in the “undervalued flower” inventory thread.17 years “White Deer Plain” is her transformation work, at least is the age of the drama, there is also her breakthrough image and scale performance.But there’s not a lot of drama.Fortunately, there are “Chuqiao biography” and “such as Yi biography”, let Li Qin finally in the TV circle had the position that belongs to oneself.In particular, “Chuqiao Biography”, the helpless interpretation of the princess of the lost country to the audience unforgettable.However, both “Fight the Sky” and “Wolf Highness” are under the banner of S+, but there is no such high traffic conversion IP.So Li Qin has been in the national popularity, but no real masterpiece between this wavering.Now actresses are difficult to pick up drama, she just lack a top to the real traffic position of the TV series.The Sea of Dreams is a good possibility.There are times in the background, but also her and Xiao zhan in the gimmick, do not worry about xuan fa, also do not worry about fans to see.So a look, Li Qin is colleague relation with xiao Zhan namely.Two people cooperate many times to know each other for many years, the relationship has been very open and aboveboard, this can cooperate again, in fact, also calculate a big surprise.In that case, let’s look forward to the official airing of The Sea of Dreams!