NetEase Youdao project was included in the first batch of “5G+ Smart education” application pilot list

2022-05-03 0 By

On January 27, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information Technology jointly announced the 2021 5G+ smart education application pilot project.NetEase Youdao, jointly with Southeast University, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University, China Mobile Jiangsu Co., LTD and Nanjing Purple Mountain Research Institute, successfully shortlisted the project of “5G+ Intelligent Teaching Quality Assurance System Based on Data Fusion – Intelligent Education and Teaching Construction Scheme in Colleges and universities”, marking a brand new breakthrough in the construction of cooperation between NetEase Youdao and universities.In July 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other 10 government departments jointly released the 5G Application “Sail” Action Plan (2021-2023), proposing the implementation of “5G+ Smart education” action.The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Education (MOE) officially launched the “5G+ smart education” pilot program, aiming to further promote the integrated development of 5G and other new technologies with education.It is reported, the pilot, in accordance with the “the education for this, multilateral coordination, problem oriented, depth fusion” principle, the surrounding “teaching, examination, evaluation, school, tube” education teaching, such as the key link, set the “5 g + interactive teaching”, “5 g + intelligence test”, “5 g + comprehensive evaluation”, “5 g + wisdom campus”, “5 g + regional education management” five key direction,A total of 1244 projects were declared.After formal review and expert review, 109 projects were selected to enter the pilot public list.After knowing the national projects, netease youdao joint wisdom education products division of southeast university, nanjing xiaozhuang college and other domestic famous universities, in algorithm design, education teaching scene, international exchange, students cultivate positive cooperation, aimed at in 5 g technology environment, reform and development for higher education mode.NetEase Youdao has been deeply engaged in the field of higher education for many years. At present, it has cooperated with more than 800 colleges and universities and achieved fruitful results in education informatization, industry-education integration, subject research and other fields.In the future, NetEase Youdao will work with a number of colleges and universities including the above colleges and universities to carry out product application pilot and relevant research projects centering on “AI AI + education”, accelerate the implementation of product business, and deepen scientific research and teaching.”NetEase Youdao will actively give full play to the advantages of AI and big data, further promote the digital reform of China’s education, empower the construction of high-quality education system, and help make a learning society that ‘everyone learns, everywhere learns, and always learns’ a reality.””Said Jin Lei, president of Youdao Wisdom Education.