More than 30 Oriental white storks, a class A national protected animal, are seen in Hengshui Lake

2022-05-03 0 By

Shijiazhuang, February 5 (People’s Daily Online) — More than 30 Oriental white storks walk like figure skaters in hengshui Lake Nature Reserve in Hengshui City, Hebei Province on February 4, adding liveliness to the serene and beautiful lake.These Oriental white storks sometimes fly low in the lake, sometimes in the lake foraging, white body black tail feathers are very eye-catching.Oriental white stork, a class A national protected animal, appears in Hengshui Lake.It is understood that Oriental white stork is a large wading bird, is the national class A protected animal.At present, there are more than 9000 Oriental white storks in the world.In the past, only one or two Oriental white storks have been detected in Hengshui Lake district. This year, more than 30 storks have been spotted, which is the first time.Hengshui Lake is a national nature reserve and the largest freshwater lake in north China Plain.In recent years, Hengshui city has continuously strengthened the protection of hengshui Lake wetland, and the ecological environment of the lake area has been improved.Today, the water quality of Hengshui Lake has reached the level of class III surface water, and the number of bird species has reached 328.(Shang Fan, Du Junying)