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“I am very glad to enter the campus as a cultural traveler and tour guide, and take my classmates on a ‘red culture tour’. We can learn red culture together, inherit the spirit of Taihang, and tell the story of Shanxi red to more people.”On December 3, 2021, Zhang Xiaoxu joined the “Red Tourism into Campus public welfare activity” sponsored by Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism in Taiyuan No. 24 Middle School.From General Zuo Quan to the Taihang nurse, from the Qinyuan siege to the Ambush battle of Changle Village, she led the students to review the heroic stories happened in the Taihang Mountain anti-japanese base, understand the scientific connotation and spiritual essence of the Taihang spirit, and feel the value of The Times of the Taihang spirit.Zhang Xiaoxu joined the tour guide team in 2008 and is now the deputy general manager and tour guide of Shanxi Rongshi Travel Agency Co., LTD.In 2019, she won the title of “Gold Medal Tour Guide” in the fourth National Tour Guide Competition.In 2021, she was named “Model worker of the National Culture and Tourism System”.During her more than ten years of tour guide career, she has always adhered to the industry spirit of “tourists first, sincere service”, stuck to her original intention, told the stories of Shanxi well, spread the voice of China, and tried to be an excellent cultural envoy.Zhang Xiaoxu always believes that only by strengthening the study and education of the “four Histories”, constantly building a solid ideological foundation and sublimating ideals and beliefs, can we truly tell living history stories, use living red resources and enhance the courage to forge ahead.”In my daily work, I always like to explore and dig the stories that happened in the war era, to reflect the spiritual connotation of the red culture.”She said.