“The most beautiful auxiliary police” Spring Festival work diary

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This New Year’s Eve, Wuyuan County public Security Bureau Tal Lake police station auxiliary police Li Yuanyuan is spent in the unit.This day Li Yuanyuan and colleagues received a total of 2 alarm.”During the Spring Festival, the police situation is relatively less, usually we receive seven or eight cases of police every day.”Li Yuanyuan said.On the first day of the New Year at 9:30 am, after dealing with the police situation, Li Yuanyuan can hand over to go home, to take over, guo Feng and another colleague, they have to go to the third day at 9:30 am, and then by other colleagues take over.”Handed in the class, we value ‘deputy class’, police situation more ‘main class’ busy but come, we ‘deputy class’ at any time to receive police.”Rafnar b said.On May 8, 2021, a fire broke out in the bungalow area opposite the Taer Lake Forest farm. Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan rushed to the scene at the first time. Regardless of their own danger, they rushed into the fire three times and finally rescued a trapped girl.On January 10, 2022, Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan were invited to attend the unveiling ceremony of the third “Touching North Xinjiang · The Most Beautiful Police” of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region held in Hohhot, and they were awarded the third “Touching North Xinjiang · The Most Beautiful Auxiliary police” of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.The first time to work to win the prize back, Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan the first time into the work.At 8 am on January 15, 2022, Li Yuanyuan went to liuzhao Expressway of Wuyuan County to take part in the epidemic blocking work.In Wuyuan County, where snow had just fallen, the weather was very cold. Li yuanyuan and his colleagues had been standing outside, checking the health codes, travel codes and 48-hour nucleic acid test certificates of all passing vehicles to persuade them to return to medium-high risk areas. By 4 PM, he had successfully completed the task.On the afternoon of January 19, 2022, Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan were returning from work in the countryside when they saw a white car leaning over on the side of the road. They quickly got out and asked the driver why.The driver said that due to improper operation, the car almost rolled into a 2 meter deep trench, and now the car is half suspended on the side of the trench, can not come up and can not go down, is not knowing what to do.Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan immediately find some sunflower stalks, tree trunks and stones mat under the wheels, so that the wheels are no longer suspended, and organize past personnel to help cart.After a three-hour effort, the trapped vehicle was finally pushed onto the road.The car driver shook their hands and said gratefully, “If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know what to do.Thanks to the people’s police!”On the eve of the Spring Festival, the flow of people and cars increases as migrant workers return home for the Spring Festival, people buy New Year’s goods, and friends and relatives gather. Management of important parts, crowded places and special industries becomes more difficult.In order to effectively increase the public security control and epidemic prevention and control work at the end of the year, Taerhu Police Station has carried out a solid public security inventory according to the actual public security situation under its jurisdiction.Rafnar b and LiYuanYuan deployment, according to the institute for hotels, hotel within their respective jurisdictions, Internet cafes, rent houses and other places if there is not in accordance with the provisions, registration and upload lodging personnel information and Internet cafes are not in time according to the real-name registration, for minors to the Internet, we provide logistics industry is not strictly implement the outstanding problems, such as inspection registration in detail the security inventory.At the same time, all kinds of key personnel in the area may endanger the stability of public security to carry out a detailed investigation, timely grasp the track of their activities, implement control measures, strictly prevent the occurrence of cases (events).During this period, they basically lived and ate in the same unit.Li Yuanyuan has been working for half a month for a colleague who is in a hurry.”In addition to routine police work, we also need to carry out patrols, prevention and control, and screening of key personnel.We hope the local people can understand more about our work.We will bear in mind our mission and responsibilities, fulfill our duties and make our due contribution to maintaining community security and stability.”Guo Feng and Li Yuanyuan said so.Dull but busy, trivial but important.That’s what Guo feng and Li Yuanyuan do.They silently stick to the front line, to protect the safety of the people.Text: Bayannur Daily, all-media reporter Wang Yunan, intern reporter Liu Beiyao Photo: Bayannur Daily, all-media reporter Hu Dongyu, editor: Qiao Hong