Is it true that lionesses don’t care who’s king?Is the same true of human society?

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In the lions, female lions and a lion is more like a partnership, they don’t have any blood relationship between each other, in a lion into the lions, participation, in addition to the breeding season, other things the female lions and a lion in battle are a clear division of responsibilities, such as lions hunt basic is completed by the lioness, patrol work is lion exclusive territory, even in the lion king replacement,When a lioness doesn’t help her husband when he is fighting with a male stranger, the attitude we take is that she doesn’t care who is the king.So, is this really the case?Is the same true of human society?Let’s take a look at these two questions.Is it true that lionesses don’t care who’s king?As the saying goes, “the soldiers in the camp are made of iron and flowing water”, which is the best way to describe the pride of lions, because in the pride of lions, only the female lions are fixed, and as for the male lions, they are periodically replaced.In general, male lions (also known as Kings) replace each other on average between one and four years, and it is relatively rare for a male to stay in a pride for more than five years.This is because the lion from birth to 2 to 3 years old will be out of the lions, homeless after 2 to 3 years to have the ability to challenge other lions lion king, the new host of male age at least 5 years of age or older, and the average life expectancy of wild lions around 12 years old, aged eight to belong to the elderly, the lion if there are lions, will be a stray lion priority challenges of objects.During the whole succession process, females tend to be “spectators” and will not participate in the battle of the lions, that is, even if their husbands and fathers of their children are pitted against “outsiders”.However, this is not a lack of care about who will do lion king performance, but a helpless move.Why do you say that?Let’s talk about it from the following three aspects: First: the replacement of lion king is related to the female lion.On the surface, though, it doesn’t matter who the lioness is.In fact, the replacement of a lion king can have a big effect on the survival of her offspring, because the first thing a male lion does when he takes over is usually kill the cubs of the lion king of the pride.Male lion infanticide is to save their offspring as quickly as possible, because female lions are not in heat from conception until their cubs are one year old, so they have to kill their cubs to get them into heat again. After all, male lions don’t know how long they can stay in the pride.And apparently male lions don’t take care of other people’s babies.However, it is worth mentioning that male lion infanticide is mainly targeted at cubs under the age of one and a half years old. Lions older than one and a half years old are driven away and left to fend for themselves.So, the replacement of the king means the survival of her cubs to the lioness, she is not independent, so there must be enough reasons for the lioness to accept this fate.Second: the law of survival.Every living creature has its own survival law, and the common survival law of all creatures is survival of the fittest, which is the reason why lionesses accept the possible damage of the replacement of the lion king.Although new lion would kill their own children, but faced with an ailing “husband”, it appears to have no ability to protect themselves and the cubs, so, if not for the lion king, let more powerful lion king came in, the fate of the cubs are almost the same, just who died in the hands of the differences.So when a lioness looks on during a succession, it’s a survival of the fittest, and they need a stronger male to protect their territory and their cubs.And in the eyes of the lioness, although the loss of her cubs is very cruel, but a new lion joins, soon there will be a new cub, this is the survival of the lion.Third: danger.As we said at the beginning, the female and male lions in a pride are more like a cooperative relationship, and together they form a very resilient group, which is very easy to collapse in the face of life and death.When one or more stray male lions challenge the king of the pride, the risk of the female lion entering the war is very high, because the stray male lions are the strong ones with many battles, and the female lion is at least 30% smaller than the male lion, so if they join the war, the stray male lion is likely to kill the female lion.To give you an example, the Bad Boys Lion League, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, killed more than 100 lions, big and small, male, cub and female, the disobedient ones, in just one year at the Sabison Sanctuary.Disobedience will get you killed, let alone fighting when the Lion changes hands.Therefore, in the battle of the Lions, lionesses usually choose not to fight to save themselves.To sum up, the replacement of lion king will directly threaten the cubs of lionesses, so lionesses care about who will be the lion king. However, under the influence of the difference between male and female body shape, fighting ability and the survival of the fittest, lionesses have to choose to “look on”, which is their helpless fate.Is human society like lions?Human society is the product of the development of civilization. Since the Stone Age, about 2.6 million years ago, human civilization has started. However, human civilization has gone through a process from low to high, so the structure of human society is different in the two stages of low civilization and modern civilization.For example, in ancient times, when the rule of a king was overthrown, the new king would take advantage of the resources of the previous king, and the new king would get rid of the descendants of the previous king in order to avoid future troubles.At this point, human society is the same as lion society.However, under the environment of modern civilization, human society has changed, which is mainly reflected in the rise of women’s status. In the past, men were superior to women and women were relatively weak, so they were more passive.Now, with their elevated status, women have become autonomous and voluntary.In Africa, for example, where polygamy is still present, when a “husband” is challenged by another man, not to mention that it is a crime, even if he is driven away, the woman will choose to be her own man.As a result, today’s human society is very different from the beast.To sum up, although on the surface, lionesses do not care about the replacement of the lion king, but in fact, they are powerless to change the outcome, and this is their survival rule, after all, lionesses have to experience “replacement of the lion king” and “pain of losing their children”.In the past, the structure of human society was somewhat similar to that of the lion pride, but now human society has already completed civilization, autonomy and equality, so there will not be the situation like that of the lion pride.