Double luck for the Lakers!Lebron James beat a tough opponent, Westbrook turned over a new page, Dwight Howard and Melo

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been improving lately. The fact that they were able to play the second-best warriors in the NBA and beat the Jazz in the Western Conference shows that westbrook has been changing lately, and for the better.The only concern for the lakers is the injury of Bryant, who has suffered several injuries this season, including a sprained ankle that will sideline him for at least four weeks.However, with Westbrook returning to form and the lakers’ chemistry improving, lebron James led the team to a victory over the Utah Jazz, and Howard and Carmelo Anthony both received good news.First, lebron James and Russell Westbrook led a fourth-quarter comeback against Utah after the Lakers fell behind.Westbrook was calm in the final quarter, making 3 of 5 shots, scoring 9 points, 3 rebounds and 1 assist in the fourth, and making 3 of 4 clutch free throws to help the lakers win.Lebron James and Russell Westbrook led a 20-5 run over Utah in the final quarter as lebron James went on a scoring spree.The jazz lost despite a game-high 37 points from Mitchell.The lakers’ James efficiently scored 33 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists, while Westbrook contributed 17 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, which really made the fans feel that Westbrook was finally getting better.Second, not only did westbrook play well against the Jazz, but the Lakers played against the Warriors. Westbrook also made 7 of 13 efficient shots and finished with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal.When westbrook shoots 500 percent from the field and doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, it’s effective.The last few games Russ has been playing well. He’s not shooting, he’s not rushing the ball, he’s calm, he’s patient, it’s a reasonable way to play.And Westbrook said he’s been talking to James Davis about changing his game to help the team win.James also thinks Westbrook has a great attitude and is willing to make a fresh start.Third, there was good news for the lakers and Lebron James in addition to beating a strong opponent.American media released the total sales ranking of NBA jerseys and star jerseys, among which, lakers jerseys are in the lead in sales in 30 states and Bulls jerseys are in the first place in sales in 8 states. With the rise of Bulls this season, Chicago is also a big market, and their fan market and base are also very large.Lebron James is no. 1 in NBA jersey sales, followed by Golden State’s Stephen Curry.Lebron’s team leads the league in total jersey sales, and Lebron’s influence off the court continues to outpace That of Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.Fourth, Howard and Anthony also received some good news: The Athletic reranked Howard and Anthony among The NBA’s 75 biggest stars.Howard was not included in the NBA’s official list of 75 biggest stars, which was hotly debated by fans across the United States.The Lakers have five players on their top 75 list, the most in the league: Lebron James, Westbrook, Russell, Howard and Carmelo Anthony.Lebron is second only to Michael Jordan in history.Westbrook was 46th, Russell 53rd, Dwight Howard 56th and Carmelo Anthony 63rd.Anthony and Howard have continued to play well for the Lakers this season, with Anthony being the lakers’ fourth leading scorer and critical to scoring off the bench.Howard this season is a bit wrong, vogel coaching staff does not like to use him, resulting in his backup center minutes are very little, in fact, sometimes, the Lakers Howard can compete against the traditional inside center, he deserves more opportunities from Vogel.