Winter Olympics ice pier pier is very “hot”, with a listed company fire, even six daily limit

2022-04-30 0 By

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is under way, as the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen dwen is undoubtedly the most concerned cultural and creative products, the market is a “difficult to find” situation, which also let numerous scalpers see new opportunities to get rich.Originally sold at a price of 100 yuan of Ice Dwen dwen, after a hype by scalpers, the price on the market has been increased to thousands of yuan, and the benefit is not only ice Dwen dwen products, the company that designed this product has become the darling of the capital market.The design, production and sales of bingdun dun-related products are all by Yuan-long Yatu, a company that has licensed souvenirs for major events such as Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai 2010 World Expo, Shenzhen 2011 Universiade and Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games.For many years in the cultural and creative products industry, so that Yuan-long Yatu has become the most extensive customer coverage on the subdivision track, the largest income scale of the leading enterprises, is currently the FMCG gift industry is the only listed company.Now Yuanlong Yatu has become the franchise partner of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and has established the industry power by its strength. With the development of the Winter Olympic Games, Bing Dwen Dwen’s popularity has increased rapidly, and the franchise souvenir business of the Winter Olympic Games has also increased significantly.The revenue of Yuen Lung Yatto’s Winter Olympics concession souvenir business grew from 59 million yuan in 2020 to 71 million yuan in the first half of 2021, and yuen Lung Yatto is sure to do even better during the Games.And Yuan-long Yatu performance, also well reflected in the company’s share price, after the Lunar New Year, February 7, the first day of the market, Yuan-long Yatu will directly set a word board trading limit, and then hit six daily trading limit.Data show that February 14 long Yatu closing price of 32.75 yuan per share, the total market value of 7.251 billion yuan.However, Yuanyuan Yatu can have such a rise, largely because of the heat of Bingdoundwen, for this enterprise, the risk is also very obvious, if the end of the Winter Olympics bingdoundwen heat decline, Yuanyuan Yatu can get so high attention?As a leading enterprise in the FMCG gift industry, yuanlong Yatu’s market share is not high. According to the company’s financial report, in the first three quarters of 2021, Yuanlong Yatu achieved revenue of 1.491 billion yuan and net profit of 81.43 million yuan.From this result, Yuanlong Yatu’s performance is good, but considering the FMCG gift industry has a market size of hundreds of billions of yuan every year, Yuanlong Yatu this industry leader is just a drop in the ocean.Because the FMCG gift industry is a huge market, but the market is too fragmented and the competition is very fierce, so even the industry leader such as Yuan-long Yatu, its market share is less than 1%.In fact, in the final analysis, the biggest problem yuanlong Yatu faces is that the FMCG gift market is too fragmented to scale up, under the influence of this, Yuanlong Yatu’s share price is bound to be difficult to maintain.In fact, the stock price of Wonlong Yatto soared in early January, but plunged again in mid-January. After the Winter Olympics, the stock price rose to 30 won.On February 15, The stock price of Yuan-long Yatu opened low and went low, and finally ended up falling by the limit. It can be seen that Yuan-long Yatu does have a short board in its business. It relies too much on hot events to produce popular products, and such products are often difficult to last.For Yuanlong Yatu, the best direction is to actively transform, such as the new track of the meta-universe, and actively create new IP, and cooperate with more enterprises, etc. Only in this way can we expand our territory and create an integrated platform.So do you think the stock price of Yatu Yuan Long can continue to rise? Welcome to comment, like, share your opinion.