Shuangwan town to do a good job in food safety production

2022-04-30 0 By

To further do a good job in food safety production, Shuangwan Town, Jinchuan District, adopted multiple measures at the same time and made early deployment, earnestly implementing the main responsibility to ensure that the work was carried out in an orderly manner.Shuangwan Town and 13 administrative villages under its jurisdiction signed the food production safety target responsibility letter to ensure that the food production task of the town is implemented in place.Town village cadres in strict accordance with the requirements, plans to grow by plot detailed statistics 2022 homes, fill in report 2022 planting schedule, and organize the staff in-depth schiscosomiasis propaganda all favorable policies of the state, formulate the double bay town farmland productivity protection subsidies in 2022 capital allocation plan, special subsidies to grain farmers for producing grain,We will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers for growing grain.We will mobilize rural households to moderately develop large-scale grain cultivation through centralized land transfer and stabilize grain output.Training and guidance should be given to the knowledge of soil fertility protection, selection and planting of high-quality varieties, and adjustment of planting structure, so as to improve the comprehensive benefits of grain production.We will strictly implement the responsibilities and measures for the prevention and control of major diseases and insect pests, and ensure that major grain crops do not suffer from large-scale contiguous disasters.