Shandong a groom to the bride’s home, the neighbor seconds change in-laws, net friend: “nest edge grass” really sweet!

2022-04-30 0 By

A video of a groom visiting his bride’s home across the wall in Heze, Shandong province, recently went viral on the Internet, attracting the attention of netizens.Footage shows a groom arriving at his bride’s home, just a wall away.I saw the guests to and from the two homes but only ten meters road, even if carrying a lot of things, also quickly walked over.The two parents are next-door neighbors, usually get along very well, this time is more close, become in-laws.The distance between the two families is also relatively easy, and many wedding details are very convenient to complete.However, although the two close, but the groom side is very intentional, or in advance to prepare a sedan chair, pick up the bride home, the ceremony and steps can not be less, which makes the bride’s family very gratified.Netizens were delighted to see the scene and expressed their opinions.A netizen joked: “Now we are all smart and have learned that” there is grass near the nest, so why run around everywhere “, haha.Some netizens said: “This is very good, it will be more convenient to take care of the elderly in the future, we can understand their parents and their children’s personality and temperament, everything can be discussed together.There is also a netizen said: childhood friends, no guess.It’s closer, but you can’t lose ground rules.When the bride gets married, the wedding car makes a loop around the village to make her feel valued.Marriage is a lifelong event for young people. They always hope to do it in a lively and lively way so that they will have no regrets in the future.Although the two families are very close to each other, it can be seen that the groom’s family attaches great importance to the bride and does not save a lot of wedding ceremonies because of the proximity.I wish the couple a hundred years of good marriage, knot.What do you think about that?