People’s Day at the Sau Rong College Museum

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Shanxi Pictorial Xinzhou news (Liang Shengzhi) February 7, renyin on the seventh day of the first month.The end of the annual holiday, most people go to work.The days of striving for your own purpose in life.The number of visitors dropped sharply, but some still entered the Museum.Some time ago, because the creation of a drama “fill the sky”, re-access to some information, once again review the legend of Nu Wa.According to legend, Nuwa made all things, but first made not man, but first in turn made chicken, dog, pig, sheep, cattle, horses and other animals, then made man.Therefore, the seventh day of the first month is called “Man’s Day”.This day is the birthday of mankind, so to speak.What distinguishes man from other animals is that he has created culture and inherited it.These days, in the “Jiuyuan Culture” exhibition hall, people are very interested in “Jiuyuan Gang Northern Qi period murals”.Through the figures in the painting, I learned that Xinzhou is a place where many ethnic groups converge in history, and also learned some customs at that time from the painting.Many people seriously appreciate and discuss the figures and costumes in the paintings.From the Han Dynasty, there was a “renri” festival custom, wei and Jin began to pay attention to.In ancient times, on the “Day of Man”, that is, on the seventh day of the first lunar month, there was the custom of wearing “Ren Sheng”.”Rensheng” is a kind of headwear, also called caisheng, Huasheng, from the Jin Dynasty began to have ribbon cutting for flowers, ribbon cutting for people, or engraved gold foil for people to stick screen, also wear in the hair.In addition, there is the custom of climbing mountains and composing poems.After the Tang Dynasty, more attention was paid to this festival.Every day, the emperor gave courtiers color wisps of people win, and a big banquet.If the weather is clear on the seventh day of the first lunar month, the population of the main year is safe and smooth.When appreciating the works of Chen Hongshou, an outstanding artist in Ming Dynasty, in addition to the beauty and magnificence of female headwear, we can often see the image of flower arrangement on male head.Now think about it, it may be the inheritance of this custom.In the murals of the Northern Qi Period of Jiuyuangang, almost all the figures in the picture have headdresses.In addition to women, those hunting male head also have different headwear, from the modeling of these headwear, has not only to keep out the cold, but also has a great deal of aesthetic components.The female’s head is naturally more such, and the female’s dress is also very exquisite.It can be seen that aesthetic consciousness is the important connotation and composition of human culture.In the jiuyuan Cultural context exhibition hall, there is another exhibit that makes many people stop and admire.That is a plaque of 20 years of Chinese “enthusiastic public welfare”.From the content of this plaque, it can be seen that this is twenty years of the Republic of China, Xin County magistrate Zhang Yanlin for excellent teacher Cui Maoguan awarded the wooden plaque, there is “Xin County government official” seal, there are many names, these people should be the plaque contributor.The plaque was erected by “village chief Ning SAN CAI”.From this plaque, we can see that at that time, there were already people and things who were enthusiastic about public welfare, and both the villagers and the government hoped to publicly commend such behaviors and influence more people.The history of mankind has always been full of suffering, both natural and man-made, but human beings have always prayed for good.Blessings, wishes, and the cultural practices that result from them are part of this wish in all cultures, and all major festivals are the concentrated manifestation of this wish.Museums are representations of man’s past and a good place to learn about him.The museum of Xiu-Rong Academy is small in size, but there are treasures that make people pause.This Spring Festival is just the beginning!Editor: Zhang Weiping coordinating editor: FanJing jiing producers: FanWenZhen copyright all contribute reprint please indicate the source mail: news hotline: 188035088181390350888818135050587