Looking forward to!Changchun north Third Ring Area is studying the bus plan to connect with metro Line 1

2022-04-30 0 By

Recently, some residents living in Tuanshan area of North third Ring Road, Kuancheng District, Changchun city left a message on the Internet, asking about “adding subway Line 1 to transfer to buses”, and got an official reply.”Changchun North third Ring Road to East third Ring Road has always been a bus blind spot. It only takes 3 kilometers to transfer from Evergrande Jiangwan to Metro Line 1, and you can only take changbei overpass. There are no non-motorized lanes and sidewalks on the bridge, only motor vehicles can pass.”The netizen said that the bus had been planned before and had not been implemented.” I hope to implement it as soon as possible to make it convenient for residents to travel.”Huashang Daily – Ersanli Information noted that on January 28, 2022, the mayor’s office of Changchun city, Jilin Province, responded to this message.The Changchun municipal government has asked the Municipal Transport Bureau to verify the situation. There are currently 10 bus lines around the area, with 26 buses, with a mileage of 7 kilometers and an average daily passenger capacity of 15,000, which can basically meet the travel needs of surrounding citizens.In order to better meet the needs of surrounding citizens to travel by subway, we are currently studying the line optimization and adjustment plan, and establishing connections with metro Line 1 and Middle East Aolai and other business circles for the citizens in this area.(Wang Jinjin, reporter of Huashang Daily)