Champions League champions group opening: Xintong, Bing Tao defeated the general, Liang Wenbo no ding Junhui Nemesis

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All the champions league groups have been decided, and the seven players and their single season rankings are: Zhao Xintong 1st, Higgins 7th, Yan Bingtao 9th, Bingham 20th, Liang Wenbo 48th, Dott 54th and Donaldson 78th.From the rankings, has just won the German masters title and rank high on the top season zhao tong, is undoubtedly the championship contenders, however, depends on higgins will promise, after all, higgins 7 group round robin 3-0 zero seal is not in the state of the rocket, team finals 3-2 second winner ding junhui and crown, superior strength, hale and hearty, good sword sharp enough..Zhao xintong and Higgins have played 8 times, the two of them won 4, even, very rare, and this championship, the two will play again, all eyes are on, if Xintong can win and eventually win the championship, no doubt at one stroke to establish the status of China’s second snooker and take over director Ding.However, the Champions League is a short game, three out of five games, the game is very random, so the final win is not only about paper strength, but also about luck, strength and luck, complement each other.Oh, both mention ding, also said ding, Ding Junhui in the champions League group 7 final, regrettably by Higgins, very helpless, meet the first 16 repeatedly continue, very embarrassing, especially this champions League and rockets in the same group, the 28th meeting, or a win is hard to find, 2:3 lost, welcomed the sixth consecutive defeat, the two historical record, also was rewritten to 5 wins, 3 draws and 20 losses, no win, continuous defeat, meet the fire continue.On the evening of February 3rd, Beijing time, the champion Group of the Champions League began. Because the 7 players in the group had 6 round-robin matches first, Tong was dazzled and didn’t know what to do, so she could only focus on the performance of the 3 Chinese players.The first inning, zhao tong tee have leakage, higgins an irreverent, long on the hand, proactive, aggressive, the teacher will give students a pair of appearance, but not a winner, middle heart don’t make any phone, passive defense, and the wizard two tough little red successively after scoring attack continued and a shot to win, score 79:0, the first victory, to the next town.Second inning, children’s tee too heart, big leakage, leakage, even a small red stays in the mouth, higgins harvest gift, then a red and black, rod rod into, however one play, play with small white without a perfect ball, under attack with defence, little red bag not into, in the heart tong powerful lever to nothing, in the attack, mesa have leakage, higgins long be accurate to fit again after a shot 60 wins,The score is 80:0, 2-0 on aggregate, and the winner is in sight.The third, or heart tong kicked off, a long table have leakage, higgins turned to turn around, not blindly attack premises, but defense have leakage, but the heart child get started shaking bag of fruit, higgins also haven’t scored a rod small slash red hang bag, heart tong precision closer to fit in a quick victory, student papers, single lever 79 zero wins, total score 2-1, behind the game.The fourth, the two defense first, higgins a flick empty, heart children touch the yellow violations, each imposed on four points, two people, a lot more heart children show long, very impressive, but a small white to walk out of the encirclement of the little red, but shifted from attack, and then a unknown attack and defense, higgins unexpectedly send little red on the mouth, even so, heart tong to fit or failed to win a rod,The two sides in the middle of the long stage each other miss, finally in the two sides saw constantly, heart child students lack patience, a stroke attack reckless and missed, Higgins began a stroke 67 win, the score of 80:37, the total score of 3:1 won the match, marking the second straight win in the champions’ round robin. He had previously lost two sets to graeme Dott in the opening match, three wins in a row, 3-2 win.Higgins, strength from the champions league group to break out of 6 team champion, morale, feel is hot, the group round robin, winning two games, is expected to lock the champion group semi-finals and stormed to the champion, as for children’s classmates heart, too relaxed mindset, where it is lost, another, against two seniors YanBingTao bingham, the small Tong feel its power, 2:As for Liang wenbo, the deputy director, in the face of donaldson, known as the Nemesis of Director Ding, two single stroke 50+, 3 rounds of zero wins, very relieved.Xiao Tong expects Zhao Xintong to live up to everyone’s expectations and reach the final four of the champion group, and even win the championship. As long as you have a dream in life, everything is possible, let’s wait and see.