After medical insurance “new regulation” comes on the stage, these 6 expenses will not be reimbursed in the future, insured person needs to understand

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Health insurance plays an important role. It is no longer a new topic. We often hear information and discussion about health insurance in our daily life, but there are still some misunderstandings about health insurance.Many people do not use medical insurance at ordinary times, and occasionally catch a cold, they may take medicine and get better, but they will not think of using medical insurance to reimburse. For these people, medical insurance seems to be of little use, but medical insurance is a very important social policy in China.Bring about health care in the major disease occurs, the role of health care is obvious, and many families because of sickness poor, high medical costs will make some people can’t afford, even choose to give up treatment, at this time, the medical insurance can help them largely reduce economic pressure, also let more confidence and opportunity for treatment of patients, from this sense,The role of medical insurance can not be ignored, to a large extent reflects the state’s care for the people.Recently, the country has made adjustments to the medical insurance, and subscribers must pay more attention to the new rules, so that there will be no mistakes when they need to use them.The new regulation is mainly related to the reimbursement content, and some items incurred by the medical insurance will not be reimbursed.The first item is the expenses generated by health care and health preservation projects. With the improvement of people’s living standards, the demand for health preservation is also growing rapidly. However, health preservation is a higher level pursuit, while medical insurance is mainly the help and support for the poor people, which are inconsistent in concept.The second is that the expenses of drugs not included in the medical insurance catalog cannot be reimbursed. There is no need to worry about this. In order to better serve different patients, there are many kinds of drugs in the medical insurance catalog, and they are still increasing, which can well reduce the burden of patients.▲ Medical insurance the third is the cost generated outside the scope of medical insurance can not be reimbursed, such as some physical examination items, although also related to medical treatment, but may not directly serve the patient, this kind of cost will not be reimbursed.The fourth expense that cannot be reimbursed is the cost of overseas medical treatment. There are great differences between overseas medical treatment and domestic medical treatment in terms of methods and concepts. It is difficult to approve many details and cannot guarantee the authenticity of information.The 5th is the charge that inductrial injury produces also cannot enjoy submit an expense account again, inductrial injury belongs to inductrial injury insurance according to type, unit of choose and employ persons also needs to assume one part charge, its depart from inside cure go out, be helpful for the limit of charge and responsibility.▲ The last item of medical insurance is that the medical expenses borne by a third party are no longer reimbursed by medical insurance. The most common example is traffic accidents. When the victims are injured in traffic accidents, the medical expenses of the victims need to be borne by the responsible party and can not be reimbursed by their own medical insurance.The state’s new health insurance policy, which at first glance looks like a reduction in the number of items covered by reimbursement, is not a reduction in benefits for the sick, but a protection for those who really need help.The new rules, no longer reimbursement of medical expense type, is has nothing to do with the cost produced by major disease treatment, has the cost of health care personnel belongs to relative advantage group, also have workers’ compensation and third party bear the cost of a class of previously defined unclear project, the project cost be excluded from the scope of reimbursement, health care can help more vulnerable groups,Truly reimburse the expenses to the serious illness, living difficulties of individuals and families, to help them overcome difficulties.▲ Medical Insurance Policy The new provisions of the medical insurance policy have given people greater security. It is hoped that more and more people suffering from diseases can get better help and support under the support of the medical insurance policy.