Today’s Winter Olympics produced 8 gold, Qi Guangpu + Jia Zongyang gold medal!Wu Dajing + Ren Ziwei and other champions

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Today’s Winter Olympics produced 8 gold MEDALS, Qi Guangpu + Jia Zongyang double insurance gold!The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics continue, with eight gold MEDALS to be awarded today.At the end of yesterday’s competition, the Chinese player under the age of 18 Su Yi snowboarding man big platform title, the half-blood beauty GuAiLing in the freestyle skiing women’s slope obstacle skills to get the silver medal, the Chinese sports delegation has broken the record to attend Olympic gold MEDALS and MEDALS, 6 gold 4 silver and 2 bronze rose to sixth in the MEDALS table.Norway continued its strong play, leading the Winter Olympics medal table with 12 golds, seven silvers and seven bronzes, ahead of Second-placed Germany with nine golds, six silvers and three bronzes, and the United States with seven golds, six silvers and four bronzes.China’s men’s and women’s short track speed skating teams are aiming for the final two gold MEDALS of this Winter Olympics.The Chinese short-track team will try to finish off the competition after winning gold MEDALS in the mixed 2,000m relay (Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Fan Kxin and Qu Chunyu) and the men’s 1,000m (Ren Ziwei).At 2044 PM, the short track speed skating men’s 5000m relay final will take place, The Chinese short track speed skating men’s team Wu Dajing, Ren Ziwei, Sun Long, Li Wenlong and Zhang Tianyi will join hands in the race, with South Korea, Canada, Russia and Italy and other strong teams for the championship, CCTV sports channel CCTV5 will be live broadcast.Three members of China’s women’s short track speed skating team will compete in the women’s 1,500 meters.At 19.30 PM, quarterfinal Group 1, Zhang Yuting.At 19:45, Han Started in group 4.At 19:55, Zhang Chutong went out in the sixth group.The final is at 21:18!It will be live on CCTV5.Suzanne Schulting of the Netherlands is the favorite to win, while Veteran Ariana Fontana of Italy, who is the most decorated short-track skater at the Olympics with 10 MEDALS, will also compete.Another gold medal for The Chinese delegation was the men’s aerials freestyle skiing final, which was broadcast live on CCTV5 from 19pm.There are two jumps in the first round of the final, the best result is taken, and the top six contestants enter the second round. After that, one jump is used to determine the winner, which also makes the competition have a great chance.In the qualification competition, Wang Xindi and Sun Jiaxu were regrettably eliminated, while Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang, two veterans of the four Dynasties of the Winter Olympics, performed well and temporarily ranked the top two.In the mixed team competition, China was relegated to second place because of Jia Zongyang’s mistake.In the freestyle skiing women’s aerials final, Xu Mengtao hopes to win the gold medal, but also hope Qi Guangpu and Jia Zongyang can make up for their regret.Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal in this event at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.At 9:30 a.m., men’s freestyle ski slopestyle final took place, no Chinese competitors, CCTV Olympic Channel (CCTV16) live.At 13:45 PM, alpine skiing men’s slalom will produce the champion, the Chinese athletes are Xu Mingfu and Zhang Yangming, CCTV sports channel CCTV5+ live.Interestingly, the 19 winners of this event have been won by different athletes, and no one has defended it.At 15:45 PM, biathlon women’s 4x6km relay, live on CCTV5+, Chinese athletes Tang Jialin, Chu Yuanmeng, Ding Yuhuan and Meng Fanqi strive for a good result.At 17:15 p.m., the women’s cross-country skiing team short distance final (traditional technique) was held.At 17:45, the men’s team final began.Chi Chunxue and Li Xin of the Chinese women’s team and Wang Qiang and Shang Jincai of the men’s team are in the semifinals, while the US women’s team and Norway, as defending champions, are favourites to win.How many gold MEDALS do you think the Chinese sports delegation will win today?Welcome to comment!