In the evening decorate “knock on the door action”, early in the morning, tianjin party secretary suddenly unannounced inspection

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In the early morning of March 3, Li Hongzhong, secretary of the CPC Municipal Party Committee, went to the scene of the closed and controlled residential areas in Hexi District and Hedong District without warning to inspect the situation of the epidemic risk screening. He stressed the need to carry out screening and screening quickly and carefully, effectively eliminate the risks and hidden dangers of the spread of the virus, and firmly build the epidemic prevention and control network.2, in the evening, the city 8 announcement epidemic prevention and control headquarters, decided to COVID – 19 screening screening work throughout the whole city, regional organizations to carry out the “knocking” fast, comprehensive, in-depth and accurate MoPai master visited since January 15 sealing centralization, control, guard against the conditions of the relevant personnel, effectively guard against risk spillover.At 1:00 a.m., Li Hongzhong came to the sealing and control scene of Fuyingzhou Garden community, Jianchang Road, Hebei District, to learn whether the grassroots community quickly started the screening action, and what problems in the work need to be further improved and improved.Wang Wei, secretary of the community Party Committee and director of the neighborhood committee, introduced that the community had started the investigation at 8 PM on The 2nd, and divided more than 20 workers into 8 groups, led by grid members, building by building, door by door organization to carry out the “knocking action”.At the same time, the district and the streets of the sinking cadres are reinforcements, for the shortest time to complete screening, information check tasks.Hong zhong for primary prevention and control during the Spring Festival, regardless of the cold, hard to control post gratitude and sympathy, for community workers carefully controlled, prevent refers to notice requirements, accurate focusing screen, patience careful completes the mass work, to further promote the action, earnestly implement the deployment of defense from spreading, control group control arrangement.Subsequently, Li Hongzhong came to the Hedong District Chunhua Street Moonlight garden, star garden community seal control control site, check the hedong district screening work.Wang Xiang, secretary of the Sub-district Party Working Committee, reported to Li Hongzhong that the community, through door-to-door visits, had initially mastered the relevant situation of more than 140 people, and timely reported to the relevant departments for analysis and evaluation.Li Hongzhong listens to the relevant situation report in detail in the inspection, and sees and understands the community seal control control, “point-to-point” material distribution, residents service guarantee and other work, to accelerate the investigation action put forward clear requirements.Li hongzhong stressed that the city-wide risk screening and comprehensive screening of people who have been to the containment, control and prevention areas since January 15 are important measures to further clarify the risk points of the spread of the epidemic, carry out more precise prevention and control work, and prevent the spread of the virus.We should focus on key issues, improve the work process, thoroughly organize and carry out “knock on the door action”, do a good job of carpet and dragnet investigation, get the real situation and accurate information, and really know the number of people involved.We will pay attention to the work methods of the people, guide them to consciously fulfill their responsibility for epidemic prevention, and actively cooperate with community-level communities in completing tasks such as screening for epidemic control and verifying information.To coordinate and mobilize the strength of party members and cadres in the city, give full play to the role of cadres in the sinking area, complete the screening operation efficiently and quickly, and provide a strong guarantee for the city to fight and win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.(Original title: Li Hongzhong went deep into hedong district of Hebei province early in the morning to inspect the epidemic prevention and investigation operation.