Chinese New Year past series five: two people ate a table of dumplings

2022-04-29 0 By

From the beginning of the fourth day of last year, I issued four pieces of the past “Chinese New Year”, recalling the bitter and sweet, the response is good.This year, I watched the Spring Festival Gala skit “Double Happiness”. The bizarre mother-in-law based on Jia Ling looks like this: three bowls of rice and four steamed buns.You may think she eats too much, but this story will make you realize that it’s not a big deal.One year, about the 1970s, my grandfather and my second grandfather were in their twenties.Good year, the family is very happy, my grandmother made a lot of dumplings, there are more than ten curtains, cabbage and pork, pork and green Onions, and so on, very delicious.At that time, we could only eat dumplings several times a year, and pork and other meat dishes could only be eaten once during the Spring Festival.See a lot of delicious dumplings, my grandfather generation of these boys already drool.As soon as the dumplings were on the table on the first day of the New Year’s Day, a few boys could not wait to devour them, just like a large swarm of locusts landed on the ground and ate the crops into bare stalks. In a few minutes, they ate a large table of dumplings to the empty bowl, and then went to pay New Year’s greetings.Happy New Year back, my grandpa and two grandpa said not enough to eat, grandma, this is also, the first day of the New Year, which can not say not full, hurriedly pot with water, burning firewood, and then cook dumplings, under the six curtain, two POTS, put a big table full.It is often said that he who eats more during the Spring Festival will be blessed.Grandma encouraged these boys, this year to see who eat more, who eat more who will be more blessed.The two boys began to eat bowl after bowl of food and finally ate everything.My grandpa and two grandpa touched the belly, hiccupping said, this is a little full, but also want to eat some more.The old woman was a little frightened. The boys had eaten a lot, so they were not allowed to eat.My grandfather and two grandfather than who eat more, one said like eating nine bowls, no, like ten bowls;The other said, “I also seem to have eaten ten bowls.” (In those days they were all sea bowls, and one bowl was worth more than two now.)My grandpa said we can’t eat any more, we don’t have to eat, go to the yard to compete strength.So the brothers went to the yard to push the stone roller.Continue to eat at noon.Go to now!Those poor years!The age of the cattle!