The village in the Year of the Tiger

2022-04-28 0 By

Villages in the festival with a thick joy in such an atmosphere, get together to chat,Look at elder body can be caring and attentive look at hale and hearty wrinkles slightly deep something with the deep imprint of passing years in the year after year increases the CV and saw the four seasons of flowers bloom saw their years of vicissitudes of holiday village visiting relatives and friends of the vehicles running in the streets of a foil and a sitting in a delicious dinner to eat during the Spring Festival with all kinds of dishes,To drink and laugh, and say and laugh one after another,Rare in this day, let it is fun for the door lanterns or meet it with a smile as if the guests elegantly couplet resembled revealed the family hope to the year of the tiger is described with a vision of a New Year sunny weather sunshine leisure crowd seems to make holiday village is more joyful atmosphere more energetic the pedestrians in the street greeted enthusiastically a wonderful New Year