The investment of 110 million yuan is expected to start in September next year leizhou No. 9 middle school project no. 2 teaching building top

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Education is the foundation of a century-long project.On January 24th, with the completion of the last side of concrete pouring, much attention from all walks of life, by the Construction of leizhou No. 9 middle school project no. 2 teaching building successfully completed the main structure of the top.The first phase of the 110 million yuan project construction is expected to start in September next year.Fang Xin, deputy director of Leizhou Education Bureau, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Leizhou agent construction project management center, supervision units, project management personnel and subcontract management personnel attended the ceremony.As a livelihood project, leizhou No. 9 Middle School project, located in the northwest of the intersection of Dongsi Road and Gongye Avenue, is a key project of Zhanjiang and Leizhou city.The project covers an area of 80,000 square meters. The campus is divided into phase I and PHASE II. The school has 130 classes, including 40 classes of 2000 degrees in the middle school and 40 classes of 4050 degrees in the primary school, providing a total of 6050 degrees.The first phase covers an area of 32,769 square meters, with a total construction area of 27,658.5 square meters, and 6,750.4 square meters of sports facilities such as basketball courts and badminton courts.Green landscape 8933.5 square meters.The number of vehicle berths is 69.Project related person in charge of the introduction, the project no. 2 teaching building will start construction on November 20, 2021.Since the construction, all the staff of the project department have overcome numerous difficulties, carefully organized and constructed, actively coordinated all parties, focused on solving security and technical problems, and focused on strengthening labor resource organization.And in strict accordance with the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work of the superior and the city, to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure the orderly progress of all work, outstanding completion of the current schedule nodes and task objectives in advance, with excellent strength in Leizhou to establish a good corporate image of ccEC.The first phase of leizhou No. 9 Middle School (elementary school) will be officially put into operation in September next year.The construction goal of the project is to build leizhou benchmark, zhanjiang leading, Guangdong level of window demonstration school, to create a unique leizhou regional culture, lingnan characteristics of the campus building, after the completion of the city can greatly ease the degree tension, greatly improve the education level of Leizhou.Photo/article by Wu Zhi Ya Zhuo Yuan