The gun went off and the bullet went through the TNT box

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The day before yesterday, I saw the movie The Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake.Once again, I was moved by the spirit of bravery, sacrifice for life and revolutionary loyalty of the veteran volunteers.There’s a scene in the movie where a bullet explodes a charge pack that reminds me of what I experienced at Old Mountain in 1985.It was more than 30 years ago in 1985 at laoshan Battlefield. We had also used submachine guns to shoot TNT boxes, but this incident was caused by a gun misfire.One night I the last post, rely on the hole side sitting on foxhole finally back into the early hours, night safe thought quickly into foxhole, sleep, I am afraid of guns in a foxhole accidentally injured, then check the gun in a daze: go cartridge, unload, while by gunshot steps, action to walk again, but I don’t know when I pull the bolt shot back, action is not done,The bullet in the chamber did not jump out.If he had been on sentry duty in peacetime with bullets, he would have reached out his hand to take back the bullets that had jumped out of the chamber, and of course he would have found out whether the bullets had retreated or not.But at that time in 1985, we were in laoshan Battlefield. There were so many bullets that we did not accept bullets in the link of returning bullets from gun inspection.The last move was to pull the trigger, and the bullet flew out of my ear with a bang, and my gun went off.I was using an eight-two-bar submachine gun with no bayonet and a short bakelite butt folded to one side.Fortunately, I was sitting on the grenade case, so that the barrel was raised, and the muzzle was not under my head, but in my ears, which burned and blackened, and did not kill me.But I’ve had chronic tinnitus all my life.As the saying goes, “If you walk along the river, you will never get your shoes wet.”One night, not long after, the gun of my comrade at the next cave went off.My gun went off and hit me, but my comrade’s gun went off and hit the TNT box at the entrance of the cave. The bullet pierced a hole in the TNT, but fortunately the TNT did not explode.Before this, comrades all think that bullets can detonate TNT, now well, riddle poke poke, TNT unlucky, comrades bored from time to time to TNT box to a gun……Curiosity killed the cat.It is also because we know that TNT bullets can not be detonated, and later we also specially burned directed mines, grenades (commonly known as glory bombs at that time), just know that directed mines, grenades are not fried.In the movie “Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake,” the bullet detonates the charge bag, WHICH I believe is true.Such a movie masterpiece, I believe that the director certainly will not make up, must be based on facts.Bullets don’t detonate TNT directly, but what about detonators?For example, the charge bag is already inserted with detonators, like the bullet shooting shells;What about mixed explosives?For example, during the period of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea, the explosive bags were not pure TNT and so on…I don’t know anything about dynamite either. I was just recalling my own experience with a submachine gun bullet firing TNT, nothing to do with other explosives.Please don’t take different seats.Thank you very much!