The White House sends 3,000 troops to prepare for devastating sanctions

2022-04-28 0 By

February 3, Europe and the United States spread the latest news, the White House sent 3,000 troops to three European countries, clearly expressed is to increase the number of troops in Eastern Europe.Russia immediately issued a stern warning, the United States to send more soldiers, agitating the situation in Ukraine, very “destructive.”There is also a ruinous sanction brewing in Europe and America.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have their own plans.We all know that a few days ago, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki announced that Baidu was not interested in sending troops, and now the sudden decision to send 3,000 troops seems to be due to putin’s words.As Mr. Johnson prepared to speak with Mr. Putin on the phone before the White House sent troops, he sensationalized that “Putin has a gun pointed at Ukraine’s head.”Johnson is following in the footsteps of the U.S. to put pressure on Russia before talking to Putin.Unfortunately, it was not long before it was widely questioned.”It’s hypocritical,” British netizens responded. “It’s you, Johnson, and US officials who are holding a gun to Ukraine’s head.”Other netizens said that NATO under the DICTATORSHIP of the United States, how corrupt it has become, and the Ukraine issue is the result of the United States, the European Union and Britain pushing this corrupt institution to create conflicts.Mr Johnson has had a difficult time in government recently and has barely had a presence because of the scandal over illegal parties during the pandemic.Some Internet users seized on his sudden outcries over the situation in Ukraine as a way to divert attention from a domestic scandal.Russia also denied again that it had the right to move troops in its territory because NATO was doing so much.When Johnson spoke to Putin formally, he did not dare to say much, but was immediately overwhelmed by Putin’s position.During the call, Putin clearly reminded Johnson that Russia has repeatedly raised legitimate concerns about NATO’s failure to respond to Russia’s concerns in violation of the principle of indivisibility of security.And it is Ukraine that is breaking the Minsk agreement.Mr Johnson did not seem ready to answer.As a “little brother” of the United States, he lost the limelight in front of Putin, the bottom line is that his American actions can not stand.The White House responded by sending troops, but the move confirmed the criticism of British Internet users that it was always the United States that pointed a gun at Ukraine and created panic.To gain hegemony, it is superficial to sell weapons and send troops.Behind closed doors, America is pushing ahead with potentially devastating sanctions.Sources in the US House of Representatives say they will vote within the next week on a sanctions bill targeting Russia.Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, noted that he and most Democrats have introduced a so-called “Defense of Ukraine Sovereignty Act” that includes sanctions against Putin, as well as Russia’s prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister and military chiefs.There could also be renewed sanctions against the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 project.In addition to the United States, the European Union and Britain are also working on related sanctions.If implemented, these sanctions would be devastating to relations between the West and Russia.In response, the United States recently called for a permanent meeting of the United Nations, where China made clear its support for Russia.After the meeting, Linda Greenfield, the US ambassador to the UN, said the US was pushing ahead with the meeting to show the world that no one supported Russia.The fact that China and Russia are standing together has directly affected the US.Germany and France were also upset from the start by Washington’s fear-mongering over Ukraine.A few days ago, Macron and Putin had a relatively peaceful conversation, Macron focused on European stability, Putin wants to guarantee Russia’s security.So the two sides will continue to talk.In April, France will hold a new presidential election.Macron said but would not announce his re-election bid.As he focuses on the big picture and urges containment at home, he is preparing to head to Germany for talks with The leaders of Germany and Poland on the situation in Ukraine.Force and sanctions are never a good way to resolve tensions, let alone those deliberately created by hegemonic forces.If Macron can push ahead and de-escalate the situation in Ukraine through diplomatic channels, he could easily announce his re-election bid.After all, Europeans, who have long lived under the American roof, crave stability and have more faith in leaders who can deliver it.