TTG was defeated by wolves and eStar?XYG zero closure TTG sent its 3 consecutive defeat, Zhang Daxian happy bad

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XYG showed extraordinary strength on the field after coming to KPL division, so they were divided into GROUP S in this season. Although XYG beat Foshan GK in the last game, GUANGZHOU TTG was stronger than Foshan GK, and XYG head coach Glucose resigned two days ago.So today the coach replaced XYG is a little difficult to beat Guangzhou TTG.Guangzhou TTGvsXYG third game lineup analysis: because lost two games in a row, so this game guangzhou TTG choose to take their best “horse core + East Emperor too one” system, to quickly eat this point, and XYG took a set of midterm force lineup, their lineup must be stable in the early, otherwise it will be difficult to drag to the late.0-10 minutes: both sides fight wild at the beginning of the peace, both sides fight for the tyrant, although XYG grabbed the tyrant, but the group battle and Guangzhou TTG played a 50-50 split, so XYG does not earn;After Guangzhou TTG nosuke killed off the cool kai qing line in front of Xihou Dun, after the operation of Guangzhou TTG gradually got a good economic advantage, and XYG can only avoid war at this time, because the two groups of damage is not a magnitude.Aquarius: I feel like this XYG will be killed by GUANGZHOU TTG.10-12 min: On Tier 1, GUANGZHOU TTG is on Yasuo Monger and his challenger changed his rival To Yasuo Monger. On Tier 2, XYG is earning a lot on Yasuo, but on Tier 2, they beat Shuanglong and his rival Tixi and Liu Bang.12-16 minutes:Guangzhou TTG invaded XYG’s red zone. LAN Dai Xi and Liu Bang broke down from Hua Hai Cao in September, while Xiu Dou Li Yuan Fang also broke down from Hongcao. Therefore, On Tier 1, Both Li Yuan Fang and LAN have no pressure after His loss, Guangzhou TTG lost the battle.It is also the turning point of GUANGZHOU TTG from sheng to decline;After September with the line of LAN guangzhou TTG killed off, this wave let Guangzhou TTG regain the initiative.16-19 min: Guangzhou TTG pushed XYG to junior high, While September LAN led Liu Bang to beat Yasuo Meng of Challenger Challenger Challenger On Yasuo.XYG then killed the red result was ling Meng Xi Shi pulled back or Aguduo, now the two sides have returned to the same starting line.19-24 minutes: September LAN invades TTG Blue zone in Guangzhou and steals the nine-tailed Ginger tooth for the blue BUFF.After guangzhou TTG invasion XYG blue area to get rid of the show beans Li Yuanfang failed, XYG see this direct choice to fight, in the ice dust approach of the East Emperor Taiyi and Clear Ma Chao XYG killed after the guangzhou TTG group battle rout, now get the storm dragon King XYG can take the initiative to advance.24-27 minutes: show bean Li Yuanfang squat down to the ground grass and residual type face d, so choose after guangzhou TTG XYG, waglan dust washed clean by the ice east the emperor too in September after a show bean Li Yuanfang invincible finally scored four killed, the tower side but XYG finally left with a spirit dream xi shi, so guangzhou TTG XYG failed to put off any a highland tower;On Tier 1, XYG failed to win on Tier 2 due to His win by Yasuo Montier. However, XYG failed to win on tier 3.27-31 minutes: the two sides again for the king of the Storm Dragon, because show beans Li Yuanfang grabbed the king of the storm dragon, so Guangzhou TTG team battle can only choose to retreat;After XYG clear the line after the choice of guangzhou TTG, because there are storm Dragon king BUFF show bean Li Yuanfang and September LAN war is very strong, so eventually Guangzhou TTG was a strong wave.In the broadcast room watching the game zhang Daxian saw his team zero sealed guangzhou TTG happy bad!Net friend: Guangzhou TTG was defeated by Chongqing Wolves and Wuhan eStarPro?It’s three in A row. One more game away from A!Aquarius: Wonderful! This is a transformation of BO5 and XYG.XYG broke history by defeating GUANGZHOU TTG for the first time.KOKO: The September Waves are so beautiful, they cut the C so fast every time.MVP of the game went to Li Yuanfang of XYG shooter Soo Bean 11-4-11.